Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

MTC Week 5–Half Way!


Statue outside residence hall.

Hello people in the outside world! This week has been really good. We have learned a lot both with Japanese and with being a missionary. And in case the week number hasn’t convinced you, I am exactly half way through the MTC. I have approximately one month until I will be in Japan teaching! I’m not sure I’ve learned half of what I need to know to get by yet, but I feel like I have made tons of progress! Here’s how the week has gone.

Thursday… After P-Day. We taught Yoshimi, our investigator. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom, which was a little tricky because Japanese people love their tea. But it was actually a really successful lesson. I honestly felt like I was being led by the Spirit in what to say, because I have no idea how I said half of the things I did. It was an incredible experience. And while my language skills do not necessitate a successful lesson, it definitely helps when I know what’s going on. And I still love the fact that even though we are role playing, God still allows the Spirit to testify and lead us in teaching, and allows our ‘investigator’ to feel the spirit as well. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

Friday: Happy Incident Day (we don’t talk about that…) Yes, I did remember and no I did not celebrate it 🙂 Mostly a typical day – study, learn Japanese, and teach. We taught Yuichi and actually committed him to prepare for baptism. Most of class consisted of learning and practicing Japanese and more role playing. Watanabe Shimai took my companionship out to talk to us about making commitments specific to the investigator. It was actually really helpful. Our commitments in our lessons have been really on track to helping our investigators come unto Christ. We also started to really focus on the commitments/goals we want investigators to do and that helped us in planning our lessons. I feel like our lessons have gone a lot smoother too.

(Kyleigh refers to “incident day in her letter. Incident Day refers to the day we had our house fire! We do remember it and somewhat celebrate it! Sometimes also referred to with much love as “Smores Day”!  So many miracles!)

Saturday: We taught Yoshimi again about the Word of Wisdom, which we weren’t planning on doing, but which we ended up feeling was very important. We committed her very specifically to not drink tea until our next appointment and it was just a very comfortable lesson. The Spirit was definitely there, and those lessons always seem to go the best. We had a sub for our afternoon class. Her name was Lyles Shimai, and we taught her as a less active member named Ivy. It was actually really fun to teach someone who was familiar with the gospel. After that lesson though, Perry Shimai began to feel very poor in health, so we went back to the room so she could sleep. Steere Shimai and I did a lot of planning and studying. Because Perry Shimai had to have a companion even when she was in the room, it was interesting to get everyone food. We ended up doing splits with our Sister Training Leaders. I also had to practice the piano with Elder Coleman and Elder Newey (who is a new missionary that came last week and was singing too). Apparently, because we are a threesome, if the two others are together, the other sister acts as a ‘solo sister’ and we are allowed to split with a companionship of elders in our district. So there is some MTC trivia for you. So I was able to practice with the elders for a little bit and that was really good.

Sunday: What a great Sabbath Day. They switched MTC Presidents, so we listened to the new Relief Society Presidency talk in Relief Society. We also got to watch Music and the Spoken Word right before Relief Society (which is one of my favorite parts of Sunday) The president now is President Burgess. I was sitting in Relief Society and I totally thought of Grandpa Catmull as they were talking and how he always went to Relief Society in the old folk’s homes. It made me smile and I thought it would you too. We taught our District Meeting on Sunday. It was on the Book of Mormon. It actually ended up being extremely funny. We were talking about the Pride Cycle and how that could apply to our lives right now as missionaries. And Drewes Choro proceeded to tell us about what he called the ‘Beef Cycle’ which was basically companionship inventory and how that helps us fix problems and the beef we have with our companions. I cannot accurately portray this in writing, but just trust me, we were all cracking up. I did not get called on to speak in Sacrament meeting, which I was kind of disappointed about because my talk was actually half decent this week. But our speakers were really good – they were from the other district. Then Coleman and Newey chorotachi sang. I kind of butchered the song near the end, but they sounded great.

Sister Perry was not feeling we again, so she and Steere Shimai went back to the room and i went with the district on our temple walk. That is one of my favorite parts of Sunday – I love getting out to get fresh air and new scenery.  We swapped again so Steere Shimai could go to choir. We all went to the devotional, which was by the new MTC presidency. It was actually cool. The president had us all say our purpose in our language at the same time. The Japanese one is definitely the longest. But it was so cool. We also went to a movie devotional by David A Bednar called “Becoming a Missionary.” it was excellent.

Monday: A very interesting day. Perry Shimai was not feeling well at all, so we skipped going to the gym and figured out how we would plan the day. Perry Shimai decided staying in bed all day would be the best, because then she wouldn’t have to miss parts of other days. So Steere Shimai stayed in the residence hall to do personal/companion/language study. That worked out well. Then I went with our Sister Training Leaders to do computer language study and class time. It actually worked out really well. One of the elder companionship had to go do a ‘how to begin teaching lesson’ so there were only four of us in class. So we didn’t go over new material so much as reviewed Japanese. We also had Medeiros Kyodai and a zone resource – Wilson Kyodai. So we got a lot of personalized help and that was very productive. We did more role playing. I got paired with Wilson Kyodai for role playing because we were off in numbers. I was struggling to find something to say to this investigator to help his needs and he stopped me and taught me some skills to help me not get so stuck. It was really helpful. Then Steere Shimai and I switched again so she could go to the night class. We were supposed to teach, but they let us miss it this night.

Tuesday: Sister Perry was feeling much better, so I’m glad she decided to stay in a full day and get better. We taught a lesson with Yuichi, and it went okay. I felt like our commitment was really specific to him. We asked him to invite his family to participate in the gospel commitments we had already asked him to do, like going to church, reading the scriptures, and he was really receptive to that. I also started to memorize the First Vision in Japanese. It is LONG. But i’m hoping to get it down.

Most of our district went to choir. Perry Shimai and I stayed behind to get extra help from our teachers. We had Medeiros and Wilson Kyodai again. Medeiros took us for coaching, which i’m grateful for because he’s an awesome teacher and I feel like I learn heaps (borrowing an Aussie word from Steere Shimai) from him. He taught us grammar to add to our prayers, and that night I said a long prayer in nothing but Japanese. It was great. I like when we split the class, because I feel like I learn tons more.
Our devotional was by an apostle! Elder M. Russel Ballard came and spoke to us. It was really good. He told us a bunch of bullet points that we should do as missionaries and also talked about those who made sacrifices for the gospel. It was really great. We then did a devotional review with our district.

On a side note: the tripanionship of Elders did another draft (for which apostle would come speak), which I think I wrote Carson about. Sister Steere was also in on it because she was with them the night I stayed back with Sister Perry. First, they did it by flipping a coin, and Sister Steere got 9 heads in a row. What are the odds of that? And Sister Steere won because she guessed Ballard, but Hart Choro also won because he guessed Brother Heaton, who was sitting on the stand. Honestly, some of the things that happen in class are super funny.

Wednesday: Very typical morning. Service, study, Language, lunch. We did a ‘how to begin teaching’ lesson with Abraham Kyodai, and I was absolutely horrible. Those are probably the hardest lessons for me to teach. Then we had class. We wrote summaries of the Restoration in Japanese. After dinner we taught Yoshimi about the restoration. It was funny. She was really attentive and interested. At the end we asked if she would read about the Book of Mormon and pray to know it was true. She said ‘Yes, but it’s probably true.’ It was just so fun to see how eager she was to know the gospel is true.

Then we had language study. Sister Perry and I got taken out by Watanabe Shimai for personalized language study, which I guess I should be happy about, but that made me feel like we were being taken into a remedial class. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely great – I learned a ton. But sometimes I feel like i’m way behind our class. And I know we shouldn’t compare our progress to others’s, but sometimes that’s really hard. She gave me very useful grammar, so that was good.

That’s about all. This morning we have been doing laundry and letter writing. We went to the bookstore. I also got asked to play the piano for someone again on Sunday, so I practiced that a lot. I hope I can do better on this one than the last.

The church is still really true! I really love the MTC, and my time here is now on the downward side. The weeks are going by so quickly, it’s insane. But i’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary.

Aishiteimasu! (I love you!)

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission

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Weekly teaching schedule.

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MTC–Week 4–MONTH 1 (Jan. 15, 2015)

Thank you for all of your letters! Okay, this week has been particularly interesting. And particularly hard. But I have learned a lot about being a missionary and learning the language, so with trials come lessons.

Thursday…. After P-Day.
We did get to go to the temple and it was absolutely incredible. Our Sister Training leader Sister Kubota had names that we got to do endowments for. It was one of the best temple visits i have had. When we left the temple, the sun was setting and we could see all of Provo and it was just absolutely incredible.

Then the reality of mission life and learning Japanese set in. We had to teach Yuichi that night. I struggled a lot with this lesson. I just couldn’t understand anything. I couldn’t say anything. And i couldn’t even give a decent English sentence to say for one of my companions to translate for me. I felt totally defeated. As soon as we got out, i asked my companions to wait in the stairwell and went outside. I felt like i couldn’t help our investigator. After a few minutes i went back into my companions. Medeiros Kyodai told us we all needed to talk for a minute. So we sat in the stairwell and talked. He said that on his first transfer in Japan he felt totally helpless with Japanese. He felt exactly like i did – that he wasn’t helping his investigators and he wasn’t bringing them closer to Christ. He was telling this to his companion. His companion said that Medeiros was bringing him closer to Christ. He realized he didn’t have to speak perfect Japanese to help people and that I should know that too. He told us that if nothing else, we were helping him come closer to Christ. He left us to talk as a companionship. I honestly think God hand picked him to be my teacher. I have learned so much from him in these few weeks. I talked to him again after class, and he said maybe he experienced what he did so that he could help me, and maybe i was experiencing what i am to help someone else. I’m so grateful for my teachers and for God knowing me and what/who can help me the most.

After he left, my companionship went into an empty class and read scriptures. And this is where i think God has a sense of humor. We decided on reading Moroni 10. Just go read it and you will see what i mean.So after being sufficiently humbled, i felt like i was ready for another week. Honestly, this was probably the hardest moment that i have had so far, but i’m okay with that. i learned a lot about the Spirit and being okay with my Japanese.

Our Tripanionship of elders did and ‘english fast’ (meaning that they spoke solely japanese) for the day until the other two broke. it was really comical. Apparently, Drewes Churo won in the middle of a lesson, and he jumped up and cheered. Because of that though, we are all doing it for 3 hours in the middle of the day. Well, we are trying too. We role played a lot in class. We taught Yoshimi, our female investigator. We didn’t really do much else, honestly.

Happy Birthday Dad! Sorry i forgot to write that in the last email, but i didn’t forget. I hope you had a great day. We taught Yuichi again in the afternoon. This lesson was okay. ‘Yuichi’ helped me a little more with the Japanese part of it during our lesson, so that helped. We also had a workshop with a zone resource teacher – Abraham Kyodai. We basically practice getting to know an investigator and find out what their needs are. It was helpful, but we aren’t super good at it yet, but that’s why we practice. The rest of the night was us writing talks for Sunday. That was just dandy.

Sundays are great. We have interviews with our Branch Presidency, and President Butler did mine. I really like President Butler. He knew about the hard time i had on Thursday, so we talked a lot about that. From that conversation, i have been studying patience and having the Spirit every day for personal study. I think i’ve said before that i think God will give me opportunities to develop my patience that i do not have. President Butler also offered to give me a blessing, which i accepted. I’m so grateful for that. I feel like that helped me to focus and gain strength.

Our mission presidency is in the process of being changed, so for Relief Society, Sister Nally spoke.
The tripanionship of elders taught our ‘sunday school’ district meeting. It was really good, i didn’t know they worked so well together.

We always walk up to the temple on Sunday to get some fresh air. Then we had sacrament meeting where Steere Shimai was asked to speak, along with Pennington Churo. They speak Japanese really well, so it wasn’t really a surprise. They did awesome though. Then came choir practice. The performances are on Tuesday, and Perry Shimai and i stay in class while Steere Shimai goes with our zone, but we went on Sunday because it’s really fun. Our devotional was by Richard Heaton again on bridging the gap between lessons. Then he had recent convert missionaries stand up to tell about their conversion story. it was basically proving the point the conversion happens between lessons. it was an amazing talk.
Then we watched ‘Legacy’ in Japanese for our movie. I actually got a couple of phrases out of it, so i think that was a success.

Everything was mostly the same. In case you haven’t realized it, we have a very set pattern. We role played, then we taught Yuichi again. Our lesson actually went really well. He was having a hard time discerning the spirit from his own feelings, so we opened with a song, then read the scriptures trying to help him feel the spirit so we could point it out. We thought it went really well. Then we had TRC where we teach members. i’m starting to like that because it’s very very unscripted and we just teach by the spirit. Plus, they are members and they love us. So that’s fun too.

Our roommates left to go to their temporary missions early in the morming. They are going to Taiwan, but their visas didn’t come, so they got sent to Boston and Maryland. So now we have a room to ourselves… at least for another week. We did a lot of Japanese study and we didn’t teach. Our devotional was by Elder Nelson again. He told us to tell our families thanks for supporting us in serving a mission, so thanks from Elder Nelson. It was an awesome devotional about finding people who are desperate to hear of the gospel and turning their hurt into hope. It was so so good. I like Elder Nelson a lot, and it was special that we have gotten to hear from him twice.

We got to host new missionaries again! It’s really fun to do that. I had one sister that spoke very limited English – she was from Korea. I also had one going to Germany, and one going to Tokyo. So the older district is called our Sempai, the districts under them are Kohai (That would be us) and the new districts coming in after us are called Di-Kohai. But since we only have one under us, they are called our Kohai. Confusing? Sorry. We call the new districts Kohai, and the sister i hosted going to Tokyo is part of our Kohai. So that was really cool. They had 16 new missionaries (2 new districts) come into our zone. 10 of them were sisters. So now our zone has more sisters than elders. So now we have a great big zone.
For class we learned Japanese. My companionship got pulled out for more one-on-one instruction, which i think helps immensely. We had Medeiros Kyodai, but we only get to split off when a zone resource teacher comes into help. Then we switched teachers for what we call ‘coaching.’ So we had Taylor Kyodai helping us, but when he helps my companionship, he usually takes us one by one and helps us individually. Today was my turn and he went through a whole bunch of grammar principals with me. I think he’s a really good teacher too.

So we had a really funny problem. Sister Perry hosted someone, and brought them to the wrong building. The room was the same as ours though, so she opened it with her key instead of the new sister’s key and put her luggage in our room. Well they called her from class to get it and bring it to the front desk because the sister got to her room without luggage. It was kind of a funny situation. We had class again. Watanabe Shimai pulled me out to talk to me about making language goals. So i kind of felt like i got called to the principle’s office a couple of times this week, but it’s all good. Just goes to show how much support is here at the MTC.

So today has been a hard week. But i have totally seen how much God loves and knows me. It’s a testimony to me that i am in the right place at the right time. I know i’m meeting people who i need to meet and experiences things i need to experience. I love being a missionary. It’s the greatest job every. The church is true!


Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler
Japan Nagoya Mission


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MTC–Week 3 (Jan. 8, 2015)

Thursday…. after P-Day

So we have P-Day from the morning until about 6. We didn’t get to go to the temple because it was closed for cleaning. At 6, we go back to having class. We taught our investigator Yuichi aka Medeiros Kyodai. He has been really difficult to teach. He is very smart and curious in the gospel, but we have been having a hard time finding something that just resonates with him. But he is willing to learn and has been keeping all of our commitments. It’s still really hard to teach in Japanese. Thank goodness we have Sister Steere, or we would be super lost.

Friday: We taught Yuichi again. I understood a lot of the lesson, which is a plus, but I couldn’t say much. I don’t know how effectively we were teaching either. It was a lot of giving information on our part, which made it feel like a lecture, which made it feel ineffective. So we planned with a lot of prayer for the next lesson we had with him. After dinner class we had both Watanabe Shimai and Medeiros Kyodai teaching us. We learned some Japanese and then we watched them role play a lesson. We weren’t responding very well because we then had district and class inventory to find out what would benefit us the most. They decided to split us up according to companionship and teach us that way for the remainder of the class. Medeiros Kyodai taught us about having experiences with our investigators, meaning that instead of just teaching them how to pray, show them how to pray and pray with them. He said for things where you can’t just experience it with them, share an experience from your own life. The more they investigator experiences the gospel, the more likely they are to endure to the end. It was a really great lesson and we have been working on applying that to our lessons. You are going to hear me say this over and over again, but my teachers are amazing. I know that Heavenly Father wanted them as my teachers. He knew they would teach in exactly the way that i needed to understand. I learn so much from them every single time, and i just love them.

Saturday: Saturday’s are a little different. We have service and gym in the mornings and then have class. So our first class was with Watanabe Shimai and we taught Yoshimi. She is super into the family aspect of the gospel, so we have been trying to appeal to that. I felt like this lesson worked so so well. I understood practically everything and i felt like my companions and i were working more as a team. I feel like she is a perfect investigator, but she isn’t as good at keeping commitments. It’s so great that we can love our investigators even if they aren’t exactly real. They are usually based on real people though, so it gives us great practice. Then we came back and had an hour where we spoke nothing but Japanese. It was actually really helpful.

During our next class, Medeiros Kyodai shared pictures from his mission in Tokyo. It made me so excited to get to Japan. I am going to have such a great time there, and i can’t wait to teach the people in Japan! We also learned how to more effectively plan and do companionship inventory. I actually really like companionship inventory because we learn so much about each other. I am playing the piano for Coleman Churo to sing and i hope that i can get it learned by Sunday. Also, our sister Sempai and us pray before bed together for companionship prayer. it is so great, and i think it has made us grow so strong in our relationships with one another.

Sunday: It was fast Sunday. It is really cool that basically the whole MTC fasts together. It’s so amazing. We had ‘mission conference’ in place of relief society/priesthood. Our MTC presidency is being redone in the next week, so they all spoke and basically said their goodbyes. I have loved our MTC presidency. We had district meeting taught by Elders Pennington and Coleman. It was about the Holy Ghost and was really good. They work well together. We had fast and testimony meeting in sacrament (which is just our zone). Sacrament meeting is usually done in japanese, but not on fast and testimony meeting. So we bore our testimonies and that was really awesome. I dragged my companions to a chapel to play the piano, and our district ended up joining us. Our district can be really fun. Our Sunday Devotional was by Greg Droubay. He’s the media/advertising guy for the church. It was really interesting. He told us about being redone and showed us what it would look like. It’s seriously cool. He also showed us giant billboards the church bought in Time Square for the “He is the Gift” campaign, and how on New Years it kept showing up in the background of the New Years show. It was really cool.

Monday: We met with a resource teacher to do getting-to-know you stuff. We did it in english and then in Japanese. Basically we learned how to make small talk with people. It’s also a little harder to share the conversation with a tripanionship. We didn’t feel like we did very well. We have a couple of practices with the resource teacher, so i’m looking forward to learning more. In our class, we focused on the Book of Mormon in Conversation. This was the question we focused on: If the Book of Mormon is true (and it is), what does that mean for your investigator in their life? It definitely made us think and apply the Book of Mormon in our lessons. (just for the record, i had the hardest time typing ‘Mormon’ correctly. it’s spelled morumon in japanese.) We had Teaching Resource Center again where we teach member lessons. It was amazing! We taught an elderly man that went to Nagoya on his mission. We were supposed to go in without a lesson plan and teach according to spirit. We did that and it was probably the best lesson i have had at the MTC. We ended up going with Scriptures and obedience with our lesson, and it was so fun to talk and feel the spirit. It was just so so good. It’s cool that the Lord blesses us to feel the spirit even in practice.

Tuesday: Basic day. There was choir at night, but Perry Shimai and i thought we should stay to get some extra help with Japanese. It was totally a good choice. We learned so much when Watanabe Shimai taught just to us. I felt like i learned so much. Steere Shimai went to choir and we met up with her later.

Tuesday Night’s devotional was by Sister Bonnie Oscarson, the YW General President. I didn’t realize how amazing she is! She has had a crazy life, but she is such a good example of relying of the lord. We watched a talk by Elder Christopherson as well about the gardener and the current bush. Look it up. It was a great talk. We always talk to our zone sharing things we liked from the Tuesday Devotional, so we did that afterward.

Wednesday: We got to host new missionaries! It was way fun and reminded me about my first day here. (by the way, i finally think i have found my way around). I had one sister from canada going to New York. I had one from Payson going to San Antonio that looked scared to death to be here. Then i had a sister from Ogden going to Georgia. Her room key didn’t work, so we spent a while getting that sorted out. But it was really good. I loved hosting. I also saw that sister from my single’s ward that is going to Ohio. It was so good to see each other for both of us, it reminded me of home.

Then we had class and taught Yuichi. It was actually a really good lesson. We didn’t take anything written down as a script, so everything came from my head. I felt like i did awful, and i took forever to get a sentence out, but he seemed very interested in the gospel after our meeting. About all i can do is testify and make promises, but it was okay. We used that Book of Mormon question that i talked about earlier to guide our lesson and it worked really well.

After that we learned about applying the lessons to our investigators. We had an odd number today because an elder in our zone is sick and the elders were taking turns staying with him. So i got paired with Taylor Kyodai, who is a resource teacher. He taught me tons and it was great to role play with him. He pointed out that it was so cool that God allowed the spirit to be with us even as we were role playing, and i thought that is just amazing. Even though we were just practicing, the Lord let us feel of His spirit.

The last class was taught by Watanabe Shimai. We basically just talked to each other in Japanese. It was pretty productive.

We get to go to the temple today! Alright, that’s all i have time for. Sorry for the stunning lack of pictures, we will try to better this week. Let me know if there is anything that you want to know about my life at the MTC. The church is true! I know that prayer works, i’ve experienced that a lot this week. I love you guys to pieces!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


Sister Tyler, Sister Steere, Sister Perry


Sister Perry, Sister Tyler, Sister Steere

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MTC–Week 2 (Jan. 1, 2015)

Week 2

Thursday: Christmas! It was really a great day. Like i said on the phone, we had Elder Nelson come speak to us. He said to thank our families for allowing us to go on a mission, so that’s for you guys. We had a really relaxed and laid back day. We had a talent show done by the missionaries and that was really great. Then we watched Ephraim’s Rescue. It was a nice break, and i got to call home, which was nice. I got your present. I love my Japanese CTR ring, thank you a ton. i wear it every day.

Friday: We have gym, planning, personal study, companionship study, and language study, all of them for an hour. That’s really a typical morning for us. Usually we are studying what to teach our investigators. We also get the opportunity to practice language on a computer program called TALL. it stands for something, but i don’t remember what. We then taught our investigator Hara San. We committed him to be baptized, and he said yes. We were still reading stuff off the papers, but all in all it was a pretty good lesson. My regular sensai was out of town. I don’t remember if i wrote that her name is Watanabe Shimai and she went to the Nagoya Mission too. She was in Colorado, so we had Hansen Kyodai as a sub. He is an excellent teacher. Pretty much every teacher is is incredible. We also found out that we would no longer be teaching Hara San, but would be moving onto another investigator the following week.

Saturday: We had to wake up early to service in the gym. That translates to cleaning bathrooms. Then we went to gym. We found the fitness room that has tons of exercise bikes in it, so we have been practicing for Japan. Then we planned and studied before class. Our classes start at 10 on Saturdays and 2:30 on regular days. Turns out Hara San is actually going to be our teacher. His name is Medeiros Kyodai (kyodai means brother by the way) and he went on him mission to Tokyo. He is a seriously good teacher. Both he and Watanabe shimai teach us and they are also now both our new investigators. I feel so dorky now that they both know how sad my teaching is in Japanese. But i hope that because they see how i can (or cannot) teach in Japanese they will be able to help me more. After dinner we had some time to write out our talks for Sunday. We meet with our zone which is my district plus our sempai district. We have to prepare 3 minute talks in Japanese and two people are selected randomly on Sunday. Last week i played the piano for our meeting. This week i said the prayer. But the upcoming week the two people are definitely going to be from out district because no one has been called from ours. So i will be preparing a lot this week.

Sunday: Sundays at the MTC are incredible. We get to watch music and the spoken word before relief society. A lady from the Relief Society board spoke to us. Then my Companions and i had to teach our district meeting, which is like Sunday School. It went okay. We could speak in English, so guess it could have been worse. Then we walked up to the temple. That is such a nice break from being in the exact same place every day. Like i said, i prayed this week in Sacrament Meeting. My companions and I are part of the MTC choir. It is super fun. Mostly because the conductor is an Institute teacher and we learn really deep doctrine in addition to singing hymns. Then we had our Sunday Night Devotional. No joke, this is how it went. Richard Elliot was our first ‘speaker.’ He’s the Organ player for the Mormon Tab Choir. So he did speak a little, but we mostly watched him play the organ. It was incredible. He played a song with just the foot pedals. Then our next ‘speaker’ was David Archuleta. Just saying, it was pretty much amazing. He sang a whole bunch of cool songs. He also sang Glorious, which is my absolute favorite churchish song. Just a cool back-story, he recorded that song while on his mission. It was so good to hear semi-real music. at the end we all sang Hark all Ye Nations, and it was the coolest thing to hear all these missionaries sing that song. After that we watched ‘Meet the Mormons’ and got to hear that song again. So yeah, i really like Sunday’s.

Monday: We began our lessons with our old-investigator-turned-teacher-turned-new-investigator Yuichi. It wasn’t a very good lesson. I’m struggling a lot to contribute to the lesson in Japanese.. We also learned ‘how to begin teaching’ which is basically making meaningful small talk with people. But we’ve practiced it a couple of times and it’s definitely getting better. I’m really struggling to catch up in my class too. Our teachers are really helpful and patient, so that’s good. I really love my teachers. We had Teaching Resource Center (TRC) for the first time too. This is where we teach members that speak Japanese member lessons. Usually they are returned missionaries. It was really good, but i am not good at conversational Japanese yet, so it was really hard. But like it said, they are members, and they understand.

Tuesday: We have class at 2:30 until dinner at 5:30 then we have class again until 6:20 until 9:30. But we spend all day in our class. The classes on this day were way better. I understood so much. We had both Medeiros Kyodai and Watanabe Shimai (emphasis on the last a of her name, and all the a’s making soft sounds) plus a resource aid Black Shimai. It was so so good. On Tuesday Nights we have devotionals, and we also perform in the choir that night. Our cool choir teacher wasn’t there, but we sang Jesus Once of Humble Birth. It was really lovely. Our Speaker was Anthony Perkins of the Seventy, and he was really good too, i enjoyed his talk a lot.

Wednesday: We role played a lot. I think it’s more beneficial to role play because then our teachers give us feedback (they don’t so much in our investigator lessons). We taught Yoshimi (Watanabe Shimai in character). It was fine. We learned the Plan of Salvation and how to teach it effectively. Our fun teachers made us a gift (food), but you have to send it in the mail because apparently they can’t bring anything in.

Thursday: P-Day. And here i am writing you! So by way of information, here is my branch presidency

President Butler – President

President Shultess – First Counselor

President Kazarien – Second Counselor

They are incredible! I have grown to love them so much. We interview with them at least once a week, so we have come to know them very well.

And now for my district! I have attached the photo of my district and it’s very difficult to send pictures on the MTC computers, so i will try to get you as many as possible in separate emails.


Top row, Left to Right: Elder Smith (from Oregon), Elder Coleman (from Arizona), Elder Pennington (from Tennesse), Elder Drewes (From Provo), Elder Hart (from Boise)

Bottom row, left to Right: Sister Perry (from vernal), Sister Tyler (ME!) and Sister Steere (from Melbourne Australia).

Our district is really fun, and we get along pretty well.

Okay, that’s about all i have time for this week. I love the MTC. President Butler shared some great advice with me on Sunday. He said it is human nature to compare our weaknesses with other people’s strengths. It’s important that we not compare ourselves to others, but that we compare who we used to be with who we are now. I know that that is true. As we focus on improving from who we used to be, we can become more like Christ.

I love the Savior, I love the people in Japan, and i love this gospel.


Sister Kyleigh Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission.

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MTC Dec. 25, 2014–Week 1

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! What a great day for us! We were able to get a phone call from Kyleigh. What a great Christmas present. The missionaries were able to call over the computer using headsets and we could hear a lot of other missionaries in the background. We were able to talk for 30 minutes but it was absolutely the best day EVER! Kyleigh sounds like she is doing well and really getting a feel for the routine of the MTC. The first week can be rather hard for the new missionaries, but she has been able to quickly adapt to her new missionary life.

We were able to find out that preparation day (or P-day) will be on Thursdays. This first one being Christmas, was not really a P-day. So New Year’s day will be her first P-day. She really loves the spirit she feels at the MTC and all of the things she is learning. She is struggling a little with the language, but knows that it will come. She has only been there a week, so I am sure after 9 weeks, she will be good to go. She loves her companions. She has a companion from Vernal, Utah (Sister Perry) and a companion from Melbourne, Austrailia (Sister Sheere). She is in a district of 8–5 elders and 3 sisters. She says it is a little weird being a tri-panionship, but it seems to be working out well.

She said the Christmas was AMAZING in the MTC. They heard from Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the Twelve and that he was really great! She said that she loved the whole day at the MTC. Her companion from Austrailia had not seen snow, so the snow on Christmas was very fun. She is making life-long friends at the MTC and we know that she is having a great time along with all of the work.

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MTC Dec. 24, 2014–first email from MTC

Just a quick note to let you all know that we received our first email from Kyleigh in the MTC. They were able to get a few minutes of time in the computer lab. Her email is below:

Hello Everyone!

This week I am emailing on Wednesday, but for future reference my Preparation Day is on Thursday. Thank you for all of your thoughtful packages and letters on my behalf.

This week has been INSANE! My parents dropped me off on the curb and i was kindly directed through a tour of the campus by an older missionary. We went straight to class and began my intense immersion class. I understood absolutely nothing of what was taught, but that was mostly to be expected. Our district has 5 elders and us three sisters. They have all taken at least three years of Japanese, except for Perry Shimai (sister) so i feel very far behind. The first week was very difficult for me. i have never been so sure of my decision and so doubting my decision as i did that first week. We literally say nothing in English. I’m getting confused on some of it because of the similarities in the Spanish i took (and mom said it would be useful 🙂 ) But I will catch up, and i know the Lord will help me and give us the gifts of tongues. Steere Shimai is incredibly helpful, and we work really well together.

I am in a tri-panionship. My companions are Sister Steere from Melbourne Australia and Sister Perry from Vernal Utah. They are both going to the Kobe mission. We share a room with another tri-panionship that are learning manderin to go to Taiwan. We all get along very well for the most part. it is very hard to be part of a three-some, but it’s rewarding as well.

Here is what we have done for the most part the past week: We get up in the morning for gym time. We typically just walk around the track. We may have a service project, which translates to cleaning the bathrooms. Then we plan for our day. On Mondays we have companionship inventory, which we have already benefited from so much. Then we study alone for an hour, then together for an hour, then we study Japanese. The language is very difficult, but i also feel like i’m learning so much. I can already pray in Japanese. I can mostly testify in Japanese. And i know the spirit us with us helping us learn. We spend most of the time in our classroom, so our district has bonded really well.

The third day in we taught our very first lesson, solely in Japanese. We have an investigator (who is just a member, but we all pretend like he’s real. They are really good actors too.) His name is Hara San. It has been so hard to communicate our lessons to him. Mostly Steere Shimai has to translate to help us understand. I can see how difficult it is to speak to people when you can’t understand them. We are supposed to love our investigators, and i would like to think i do. He asked a question that would have been explained with justice and mercy, but we couldn’t do it in Japanese. I wished so much that i could help him understand the great love and Heavenly Father has for him. We have taught him 3 times since.

Our teacher is amazing. Her name is Watanabe Sensai. She just got back from one of the missions in Japan in June, and we are her second class. I love her so much, she is absolutely in tune with the spirit. I was so frustrated with not being able to understand when everyone else did, but she helped resolve my concerns and has been really trying to help me progress. And i feel like i am progressing.

Sunday Night was the absolute greatest day i have had on my mission. We attended Relief Society where the General Young Women’s President addressed us. We also got to walk up to the temple just to get some fresh air. The temple will be closed for the next few weeks for cleaning and such, so we won’t get to do a session until early January. That night we listened to another devotional by the admn. president and his daughter who just got back from the Fukuoka Mission. Then we watched the movie “Character of Christ” by Elder Bednar. It was by far the greatest talk i’ve ever heard and i encourage you to go find it on the internet if you can (and if you can, send me a copy). But it may not be online at all. He gave it in the MTC a couple years ago. However, it totally changed my whole perspective on Christ and Christlike attributes. It makes me want to be more and more like my Savior Jesus Christ. He is specifically speaking to missionaries, but his message is great for any stage of life.

The beginning of this week has gone much more smoothly. we are now on a real schedule and are getting a lot done. I also feel like we are doing really well, and i feel more confident in the learning. The other missionaries in our Zone take really good care of us. there is one other district that has 4 sisters and 4 elders in our zone. They came in 2 weeks earlier than us. They told us that the first week is so crazy and frustrating, but if we could make it until Sunday we would find out how amazing the MTC really is. They were pretty much spot on. Honestly, i love it here. I have learned so much and the spirit is constantly here!!

Tuesday we had another devotional, and it was amazing. Bishop Stevenson the presiding bishop spoke to us. He has also been the mission president of Nagoya before. He talked about the gifts we could give as missionaries, and he also focused on Joseph Smith. I was thinking how much i personally take my testimony of Joseph Smith for granted because it is just such a part of me. As i read the Book of Mormon and even as I learn more about all he did and sacrificed for the gospel, i just have so much admiration and gratitude towards him. Bishop Stevenson also drew similarities between Joseph Smith and Christ. I am just so grateful for that wonderful gift.

Remember how great a gift God gave us in Jesus Christ. They love you, I love you, and I have to go.

I love you guys! I hope you have a great Christmas! Know that i will, because we are totally focused on Christ here. The MTC has such a special spirit here all the time. Love you!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission

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MTC Arrival

Well, Dec. 17, 2014 finally came. After all of the prep, it was kind of a bittersweet day. She was set apart the night before by President Rosenlund of our Stake and it was a truly beautiful night. The spirit was very strong and we know that this is correct thing for her to be doing.

The morning of Dec. 17 as I said, was really bittersweet. It was strange to see Kyleigh walk around the house and know that it would be 18 months before she would see this again. A few tears were shed. We had family prayer and we felt the spirit very strongly. Then the time came to say good-bye to the puppies. This was hard. Ariel has been her baby for quite some time and I am sure they will miss each other. Ariel probably doesn’t really know, but I know that Kyleigh did. We will send pics of her while Kyleigh is in Japan.

We drove to Provo. This is generally a long drive to me, but that morning felt like it all went too fast. We had a final errand to run in Provo (a last minute pick up of supplies from the Sister Missionary Mall). We went to lunch at Costa Vida, one of Kyleigh’s favorite restaurants. Probably not going to get too much Mexican food in Japan.

They don’t let you spend too much time at the MTC when you drop off your missionary. In fact, it is much like the airport drop off zone. However, there is a field to the east of the MTC, just in front of the Provo Temple. We went there to say our final good-byes. It really is a beautiful place and there were LOTS of missionaries there, saying their good-byes as well. We walked up to the temple and took pictures. It was very cold, but very fun as well. It was a good time!

We finally had to make our way to the MTC at 2pm. This was very hard. Good-byes are very hard when it comes to your children. It is literally a “drop-off” at the curb of the MTC. There was a very sweet sister missionary there that helped Kyleigh get her luggage and eased her into the MTC and away from her parents. And I am sure she made Kyleigh feel good about being dropped off by her parents. Yes, many tears were shed. It was very hard to see her leave. Lots of prayers were said all the way home from Provo. We know that she will be blessed for serving a mission. We know that she is doing what she wants to do and needs to do. She will be an amazing missionary and the people of Japan will love her and be blessed by her spirit. We are grateful that she is going to serve the Lord in Japan.


Family “SELFIE” at Provo Temple

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The Call and the Prep

Sister Kyleigh Tyler

Sister Kyleigh Tyler


Kyleigh was very excited to submit her paperwork for her mission. That paperwork was submitted and we waited. After she submitted her paperwork, we had several “contests” of where she would go. There was a family/neighborhood contest, Kyleigh’s work contest, and mom’s work contest. It was pretty fun to see where everyone guessed where she could potentially be called. And we waited.

We had expected that she would get them sooner than later. But the wait went a little longer than expected, so we waited. Kyleigh received her call on Sept. 17, 2014. She was very excited to finally find out the destination. It was just the four of us, Dad, Mom, Carson plus her (and the two dogs) when she opened the call. She was called to the Japan Nagoya mission. The mission is located a little south of Tokyo, around Nagano where the olympics were held. To be quite honest, the call to Japan was NEVER on our radar as her parents, so there was a little surprise on our part. However, we love her mission president and his wife already and we truly love the people of Japan already. We know that she will bless their lives while she is serving there.

We had a feeling she would go foreign, but Japan was not included in what we felt. We think that it is kind of ironic as Kyleigh doesn’t exactly love to fly. She loves to travel, but not fly. Japan is a 17 hour airplane flight–with one transfer. That translates into 2 take-offs and 2 landings. Yep, irony. When she read the call, the realization came that we had only 90 days to prepare as she would be leaving for the MTC on Dec. 17, 2014. That is when the panic set in. 90. days. Not enough time. PANIC!


The preparations were fun and very busy. There are so many words of advice we can give to others about sister missionary preparation. It is not as simple as it is for an elder. There are too many things to consider and we appreciate all of the advice we received on her behalf. There are so many options and there is so much information out there. We went to many stores looking for clothes and the many items listed in the missionary packet. How do you pack 18 months of your life into 2 suitcases? Think about that question. What would you take for 18 months? It would be difficult for anyone. And yes, it was a bit difficult. But she did it. And she will be an AMAZING missionary.

Kyleigh received her endowments in the newly renovated and reopened Ogden Temple on October 18th, 2014, as part of her mission preparation. It was a beautiful day that was so full of the spirit. She was surrounded by her family and we even had the opportunity to have Carson in the temple at the same time doing baptisms for the dead. What an amazing experience for our family.


Kyleigh had her missionary farewell talk in the Clinton 25th ward on November 30, 2014. She was supported by her family, grandparents, and many aunts and uncles and cousins, not to mention the many, many friends we consider part of the “family”. We appreciate everyone’s support of her. You have all influenced her life and who she has become.

There was a little over two weeks of hurried preparation from the time of her farewell until she actually left for the MTC. We celebrated an early family Christmas and checked off a few of the ‘bucket list’ items Kyleigh wanted to do before she left including a temple session in SLC temple, attending Music and the Spoken Word, Ogden City Christmas Village lights, peppermint and eggnog shakes, a lot of Sushi and Chinese food, a trip to Outback, and spending time with her dogs. We had a great time getting everything in order before her departure. We know that she will do great in Japan!

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Welcome to Sister Kyleigh Tyler’s Blog!

Hi all!

We are creating this blog in order to share with you the many adventures of Sister Kyleigh Tyler as she serves her LDS mission in Nagoya Japan. We will update with excerpts from her emails as well as pictures, etc. Because we are getting a late start we will be updating from the beginning (with a few back dated updates). Check back frequently to see her progress and her adventures!

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