Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

The Call and the Prep

on January 8, 2015
Sister Kyleigh Tyler

Sister Kyleigh Tyler


Kyleigh was very excited to submit her paperwork for her mission. That paperwork was submitted and we waited. After she submitted her paperwork, we had several “contests” of where she would go. There was a family/neighborhood contest, Kyleigh’s work contest, and mom’s work contest. It was pretty fun to see where everyone guessed where she could potentially be called. And we waited.

We had expected that she would get them sooner than later. But the wait went a little longer than expected, so we waited. Kyleigh received her call on Sept. 17, 2014. She was very excited to finally find out the destination. It was just the four of us, Dad, Mom, Carson plus her (and the two dogs) when she opened the call. She was called to the Japan Nagoya mission. The mission is located a little south of Tokyo, around Nagano where the olympics were held. To be quite honest, the call to Japan was NEVER on our radar as her parents, so there was a little surprise on our part. However, we love her mission president and his wife already and we truly love the people of Japan already. We know that she will bless their lives while she is serving there.

We had a feeling she would go foreign, but Japan was not included in what we felt. We think that it is kind of ironic as Kyleigh doesn’t exactly love to fly. She loves to travel, but not fly. Japan is a 17 hour airplane flight–with one transfer. That translates into 2 take-offs and 2 landings. Yep, irony. When she read the call, the realization came that we had only 90 days to prepare as she would be leaving for the MTC on Dec. 17, 2014. That is when the panic set in. 90. days. Not enough time. PANIC!


The preparations were fun and very busy. There are so many words of advice we can give to others about sister missionary preparation. It is not as simple as it is for an elder. There are too many things to consider and we appreciate all of the advice we received on her behalf. There are so many options and there is so much information out there. We went to many stores looking for clothes and the many items listed in the missionary packet. How do you pack 18 months of your life into 2 suitcases? Think about that question. What would you take for 18 months? It would be difficult for anyone. And yes, it was a bit difficult. But she did it. And she will be an AMAZING missionary.

Kyleigh received her endowments in the newly renovated and reopened Ogden Temple on October 18th, 2014, as part of her mission preparation. It was a beautiful day that was so full of the spirit. She was surrounded by her family and we even had the opportunity to have Carson in the temple at the same time doing baptisms for the dead. What an amazing experience for our family.


Kyleigh had her missionary farewell talk in the Clinton 25th ward on November 30, 2014. She was supported by her family, grandparents, and many aunts and uncles and cousins, not to mention the many, many friends we consider part of the “family”. We appreciate everyone’s support of her. You have all influenced her life and who she has become.

There was a little over two weeks of hurried preparation from the time of her farewell until she actually left for the MTC. We celebrated an early family Christmas and checked off a few of the ‘bucket list’ items Kyleigh wanted to do before she left including a temple session in SLC temple, attending Music and the Spoken Word, Ogden City Christmas Village lights, peppermint and eggnog shakes, a lot of Sushi and Chinese food, a trip to Outback, and spending time with her dogs. We had a great time getting everything in order before her departure. We know that she will do great in Japan!


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