Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

MTC Arrival

on January 9, 2015

Well, Dec. 17, 2014 finally came. After all of the prep, it was kind of a bittersweet day. She was set apart the night before by President Rosenlund of our Stake and it was a truly beautiful night. The spirit was very strong and we know that this is correct thing for her to be doing.

The morning of Dec. 17 as I said, was really bittersweet. It was strange to see Kyleigh walk around the house and know that it would be 18 months before she would see this again. A few tears were shed. We had family prayer and we felt the spirit very strongly. Then the time came to say good-bye to the puppies. This was hard. Ariel has been her baby for quite some time and I am sure they will miss each other. Ariel probably doesn’t really know, but I know that Kyleigh did. We will send pics of her while Kyleigh is in Japan.

We drove to Provo. This is generally a long drive to me, but that morning felt like it all went too fast. We had a final errand to run in Provo (a last minute pick up of supplies from the Sister Missionary Mall). We went to lunch at Costa Vida, one of Kyleigh’s favorite restaurants. Probably not going to get too much Mexican food in Japan.

They don’t let you spend too much time at the MTC when you drop off your missionary. In fact, it is much like the airport drop off zone. However, there is a field to the east of the MTC, just in front of the Provo Temple. We went there to say our final good-byes. It really is a beautiful place and there were LOTS of missionaries there, saying their good-byes as well. We walked up to the temple and took pictures. It was very cold, but very fun as well. It was a good time!

We finally had to make our way to the MTC at 2pm. This was very hard. Good-byes are very hard when it comes to your children. It is literally a “drop-off” at the curb of the MTC. There was a very sweet sister missionary there that helped Kyleigh get her luggage and eased her into the MTC and away from her parents. And I am sure she made Kyleigh feel good about being dropped off by her parents. Yes, many tears were shed. It was very hard to see her leave. Lots of prayers were said all the way home from Provo. We know that she will be blessed for serving a mission. We know that she is doing what she wants to do and needs to do. She will be an amazing missionary and the people of Japan will love her and be blessed by her spirit. We are grateful that she is going to serve the Lord in Japan.


Family “SELFIE” at Provo Temple


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