Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

MTC Dec. 24, 2014–first email from MTC

on January 9, 2015

Just a quick note to let you all know that we received our first email from Kyleigh in the MTC. They were able to get a few minutes of time in the computer lab. Her email is below:

Hello Everyone!

This week I am emailing on Wednesday, but for future reference my Preparation Day is on Thursday. Thank you for all of your thoughtful packages and letters on my behalf.

This week has been INSANE! My parents dropped me off on the curb and i was kindly directed through a tour of the campus by an older missionary. We went straight to class and began my intense immersion class. I understood absolutely nothing of what was taught, but that was mostly to be expected. Our district has 5 elders and us three sisters. They have all taken at least three years of Japanese, except for Perry Shimai (sister) so i feel very far behind. The first week was very difficult for me. i have never been so sure of my decision and so doubting my decision as i did that first week. We literally say nothing in English. I’m getting confused on some of it because of the similarities in the Spanish i took (and mom said it would be useful 🙂 ) But I will catch up, and i know the Lord will help me and give us the gifts of tongues. Steere Shimai is incredibly helpful, and we work really well together.

I am in a tri-panionship. My companions are Sister Steere from Melbourne Australia and Sister Perry from Vernal Utah. They are both going to the Kobe mission. We share a room with another tri-panionship that are learning manderin to go to Taiwan. We all get along very well for the most part. it is very hard to be part of a three-some, but it’s rewarding as well.

Here is what we have done for the most part the past week: We get up in the morning for gym time. We typically just walk around the track. We may have a service project, which translates to cleaning the bathrooms. Then we plan for our day. On Mondays we have companionship inventory, which we have already benefited from so much. Then we study alone for an hour, then together for an hour, then we study Japanese. The language is very difficult, but i also feel like i’m learning so much. I can already pray in Japanese. I can mostly testify in Japanese. And i know the spirit us with us helping us learn. We spend most of the time in our classroom, so our district has bonded really well.

The third day in we taught our very first lesson, solely in Japanese. We have an investigator (who is just a member, but we all pretend like he’s real. They are really good actors too.) His name is Hara San. It has been so hard to communicate our lessons to him. Mostly Steere Shimai has to translate to help us understand. I can see how difficult it is to speak to people when you can’t understand them. We are supposed to love our investigators, and i would like to think i do. He asked a question that would have been explained with justice and mercy, but we couldn’t do it in Japanese. I wished so much that i could help him understand the great love and Heavenly Father has for him. We have taught him 3 times since.

Our teacher is amazing. Her name is Watanabe Sensai. She just got back from one of the missions in Japan in June, and we are her second class. I love her so much, she is absolutely in tune with the spirit. I was so frustrated with not being able to understand when everyone else did, but she helped resolve my concerns and has been really trying to help me progress. And i feel like i am progressing.

Sunday Night was the absolute greatest day i have had on my mission. We attended Relief Society where the General Young Women’s President addressed us. We also got to walk up to the temple just to get some fresh air. The temple will be closed for the next few weeks for cleaning and such, so we won’t get to do a session until early January. That night we listened to another devotional by the admn. president and his daughter who just got back from the Fukuoka Mission. Then we watched the movie “Character of Christ” by Elder Bednar. It was by far the greatest talk i’ve ever heard and i encourage you to go find it on the internet if you can (and if you can, send me a copy). But it may not be online at all. He gave it in the MTC a couple years ago. However, it totally changed my whole perspective on Christ and Christlike attributes. It makes me want to be more and more like my Savior Jesus Christ. He is specifically speaking to missionaries, but his message is great for any stage of life.

The beginning of this week has gone much more smoothly. we are now on a real schedule and are getting a lot done. I also feel like we are doing really well, and i feel more confident in the learning. The other missionaries in our Zone take really good care of us. there is one other district that has 4 sisters and 4 elders in our zone. They came in 2 weeks earlier than us. They told us that the first week is so crazy and frustrating, but if we could make it until Sunday we would find out how amazing the MTC really is. They were pretty much spot on. Honestly, i love it here. I have learned so much and the spirit is constantly here!!

Tuesday we had another devotional, and it was amazing. Bishop Stevenson the presiding bishop spoke to us. He has also been the mission president of Nagoya before. He talked about the gifts we could give as missionaries, and he also focused on Joseph Smith. I was thinking how much i personally take my testimony of Joseph Smith for granted because it is just such a part of me. As i read the Book of Mormon and even as I learn more about all he did and sacrificed for the gospel, i just have so much admiration and gratitude towards him. Bishop Stevenson also drew similarities between Joseph Smith and Christ. I am just so grateful for that wonderful gift.

Remember how great a gift God gave us in Jesus Christ. They love you, I love you, and I have to go.

I love you guys! I hope you have a great Christmas! Know that i will, because we are totally focused on Christ here. The MTC has such a special spirit here all the time. Love you!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


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