Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

MTC–Week 2 (Jan. 1, 2015)

on January 19, 2015

Week 2

Thursday: Christmas! It was really a great day. Like i said on the phone, we had Elder Nelson come speak to us. He said to thank our families for allowing us to go on a mission, so that’s for you guys. We had a really relaxed and laid back day. We had a talent show done by the missionaries and that was really great. Then we watched Ephraim’s Rescue. It was a nice break, and i got to call home, which was nice. I got your present. I love my Japanese CTR ring, thank you a ton. i wear it every day.

Friday: We have gym, planning, personal study, companionship study, and language study, all of them for an hour. That’s really a typical morning for us. Usually we are studying what to teach our investigators. We also get the opportunity to practice language on a computer program called TALL. it stands for something, but i don’t remember what. We then taught our investigator Hara San. We committed him to be baptized, and he said yes. We were still reading stuff off the papers, but all in all it was a pretty good lesson. My regular sensai was out of town. I don’t remember if i wrote that her name is Watanabe Shimai and she went to the Nagoya Mission too. She was in Colorado, so we had Hansen Kyodai as a sub. He is an excellent teacher. Pretty much every teacher is is incredible. We also found out that we would no longer be teaching Hara San, but would be moving onto another investigator the following week.

Saturday: We had to wake up early to service in the gym. That translates to cleaning bathrooms. Then we went to gym. We found the fitness room that has tons of exercise bikes in it, so we have been practicing for Japan. Then we planned and studied before class. Our classes start at 10 on Saturdays and 2:30 on regular days. Turns out Hara San is actually going to be our teacher. His name is Medeiros Kyodai (kyodai means brother by the way) and he went on him mission to Tokyo. He is a seriously good teacher. Both he and Watanabe shimai teach us and they are also now both our new investigators. I feel so dorky now that they both know how sad my teaching is in Japanese. But i hope that because they see how i can (or cannot) teach in Japanese they will be able to help me more. After dinner we had some time to write out our talks for Sunday. We meet with our zone which is my district plus our sempai district. We have to prepare 3 minute talks in Japanese and two people are selected randomly on Sunday. Last week i played the piano for our meeting. This week i said the prayer. But the upcoming week the two people are definitely going to be from out district because no one has been called from ours. So i will be preparing a lot this week.

Sunday: Sundays at the MTC are incredible. We get to watch music and the spoken word before relief society. A lady from the Relief Society board spoke to us. Then my Companions and i had to teach our district meeting, which is like Sunday School. It went okay. We could speak in English, so guess it could have been worse. Then we walked up to the temple. That is such a nice break from being in the exact same place every day. Like i said, i prayed this week in Sacrament Meeting. My companions and I are part of the MTC choir. It is super fun. Mostly because the conductor is an Institute teacher and we learn really deep doctrine in addition to singing hymns. Then we had our Sunday Night Devotional. No joke, this is how it went. Richard Elliot was our first ‘speaker.’ He’s the Organ player for the Mormon Tab Choir. So he did speak a little, but we mostly watched him play the organ. It was incredible. He played a song with just the foot pedals. Then our next ‘speaker’ was David Archuleta. Just saying, it was pretty much amazing. He sang a whole bunch of cool songs. He also sang Glorious, which is my absolute favorite churchish song. Just a cool back-story, he recorded that song while on his mission. It was so good to hear semi-real music. at the end we all sang Hark all Ye Nations, and it was the coolest thing to hear all these missionaries sing that song. After that we watched ‘Meet the Mormons’ and got to hear that song again. So yeah, i really like Sunday’s.

Monday: We began our lessons with our old-investigator-turned-teacher-turned-new-investigator Yuichi. It wasn’t a very good lesson. I’m struggling a lot to contribute to the lesson in Japanese.. We also learned ‘how to begin teaching’ which is basically making meaningful small talk with people. But we’ve practiced it a couple of times and it’s definitely getting better. I’m really struggling to catch up in my class too. Our teachers are really helpful and patient, so that’s good. I really love my teachers. We had Teaching Resource Center (TRC) for the first time too. This is where we teach members that speak Japanese member lessons. Usually they are returned missionaries. It was really good, but i am not good at conversational Japanese yet, so it was really hard. But like it said, they are members, and they understand.

Tuesday: We have class at 2:30 until dinner at 5:30 then we have class again until 6:20 until 9:30. But we spend all day in our class. The classes on this day were way better. I understood so much. We had both Medeiros Kyodai and Watanabe Shimai (emphasis on the last a of her name, and all the a’s making soft sounds) plus a resource aid Black Shimai. It was so so good. On Tuesday Nights we have devotionals, and we also perform in the choir that night. Our cool choir teacher wasn’t there, but we sang Jesus Once of Humble Birth. It was really lovely. Our Speaker was Anthony Perkins of the Seventy, and he was really good too, i enjoyed his talk a lot.

Wednesday: We role played a lot. I think it’s more beneficial to role play because then our teachers give us feedback (they don’t so much in our investigator lessons). We taught Yoshimi (Watanabe Shimai in character). It was fine. We learned the Plan of Salvation and how to teach it effectively. Our fun teachers made us a gift (food), but you have to send it in the mail because apparently they can’t bring anything in.

Thursday: P-Day. And here i am writing you! So by way of information, here is my branch presidency

President Butler – President

President Shultess – First Counselor

President Kazarien – Second Counselor

They are incredible! I have grown to love them so much. We interview with them at least once a week, so we have come to know them very well.

And now for my district! I have attached the photo of my district and it’s very difficult to send pictures on the MTC computers, so i will try to get you as many as possible in separate emails.


Top row, Left to Right: Elder Smith (from Oregon), Elder Coleman (from Arizona), Elder Pennington (from Tennesse), Elder Drewes (From Provo), Elder Hart (from Boise)

Bottom row, left to Right: Sister Perry (from vernal), Sister Tyler (ME!) and Sister Steere (from Melbourne Australia).

Our district is really fun, and we get along pretty well.

Okay, that’s about all i have time for this week. I love the MTC. President Butler shared some great advice with me on Sunday. He said it is human nature to compare our weaknesses with other people’s strengths. It’s important that we not compare ourselves to others, but that we compare who we used to be with who we are now. I know that that is true. As we focus on improving from who we used to be, we can become more like Christ.

I love the Savior, I love the people in Japan, and i love this gospel.


Sister Kyleigh Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission.


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