Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

MTC–Week 3 (Jan. 8, 2015)

on January 20, 2015

Thursday…. after P-Day

So we have P-Day from the morning until about 6. We didn’t get to go to the temple because it was closed for cleaning. At 6, we go back to having class. We taught our investigator Yuichi aka Medeiros Kyodai. He has been really difficult to teach. He is very smart and curious in the gospel, but we have been having a hard time finding something that just resonates with him. But he is willing to learn and has been keeping all of our commitments. It’s still really hard to teach in Japanese. Thank goodness we have Sister Steere, or we would be super lost.

Friday: We taught Yuichi again. I understood a lot of the lesson, which is a plus, but I couldn’t say much. I don’t know how effectively we were teaching either. It was a lot of giving information on our part, which made it feel like a lecture, which made it feel ineffective. So we planned with a lot of prayer for the next lesson we had with him. After dinner class we had both Watanabe Shimai and Medeiros Kyodai teaching us. We learned some Japanese and then we watched them role play a lesson. We weren’t responding very well because we then had district and class inventory to find out what would benefit us the most. They decided to split us up according to companionship and teach us that way for the remainder of the class. Medeiros Kyodai taught us about having experiences with our investigators, meaning that instead of just teaching them how to pray, show them how to pray and pray with them. He said for things where you can’t just experience it with them, share an experience from your own life. The more they investigator experiences the gospel, the more likely they are to endure to the end. It was a really great lesson and we have been working on applying that to our lessons. You are going to hear me say this over and over again, but my teachers are amazing. I know that Heavenly Father wanted them as my teachers. He knew they would teach in exactly the way that i needed to understand. I learn so much from them every single time, and i just love them.

Saturday: Saturday’s are a little different. We have service and gym in the mornings and then have class. So our first class was with Watanabe Shimai and we taught Yoshimi. She is super into the family aspect of the gospel, so we have been trying to appeal to that. I felt like this lesson worked so so well. I understood practically everything and i felt like my companions and i were working more as a team. I feel like she is a perfect investigator, but she isn’t as good at keeping commitments. It’s so great that we can love our investigators even if they aren’t exactly real. They are usually based on real people though, so it gives us great practice. Then we came back and had an hour where we spoke nothing but Japanese. It was actually really helpful.

During our next class, Medeiros Kyodai shared pictures from his mission in Tokyo. It made me so excited to get to Japan. I am going to have such a great time there, and i can’t wait to teach the people in Japan! We also learned how to more effectively plan and do companionship inventory. I actually really like companionship inventory because we learn so much about each other. I am playing the piano for Coleman Churo to sing and i hope that i can get it learned by Sunday. Also, our sister Sempai and us pray before bed together for companionship prayer. it is so great, and i think it has made us grow so strong in our relationships with one another.

Sunday: It was fast Sunday. It is really cool that basically the whole MTC fasts together. It’s so amazing. We had ‘mission conference’ in place of relief society/priesthood. Our MTC presidency is being redone in the next week, so they all spoke and basically said their goodbyes. I have loved our MTC presidency. We had district meeting taught by Elders Pennington and Coleman. It was about the Holy Ghost and was really good. They work well together. We had fast and testimony meeting in sacrament (which is just our zone). Sacrament meeting is usually done in japanese, but not on fast and testimony meeting. So we bore our testimonies and that was really awesome. I dragged my companions to a chapel to play the piano, and our district ended up joining us. Our district can be really fun. Our Sunday Devotional was by Greg Droubay. He’s the media/advertising guy for the church. It was really interesting. He told us about being redone and showed us what it would look like. It’s seriously cool. He also showed us giant billboards the church bought in Time Square for the “He is the Gift” campaign, and how on New Years it kept showing up in the background of the New Years show. It was really cool.

Monday: We met with a resource teacher to do getting-to-know you stuff. We did it in english and then in Japanese. Basically we learned how to make small talk with people. It’s also a little harder to share the conversation with a tripanionship. We didn’t feel like we did very well. We have a couple of practices with the resource teacher, so i’m looking forward to learning more. In our class, we focused on the Book of Mormon in Conversation. This was the question we focused on: If the Book of Mormon is true (and it is), what does that mean for your investigator in their life? It definitely made us think and apply the Book of Mormon in our lessons. (just for the record, i had the hardest time typing ‘Mormon’ correctly. it’s spelled morumon in japanese.) We had Teaching Resource Center again where we teach member lessons. It was amazing! We taught an elderly man that went to Nagoya on his mission. We were supposed to go in without a lesson plan and teach according to spirit. We did that and it was probably the best lesson i have had at the MTC. We ended up going with Scriptures and obedience with our lesson, and it was so fun to talk and feel the spirit. It was just so so good. It’s cool that the Lord blesses us to feel the spirit even in practice.

Tuesday: Basic day. There was choir at night, but Perry Shimai and i thought we should stay to get some extra help with Japanese. It was totally a good choice. We learned so much when Watanabe Shimai taught just to us. I felt like i learned so much. Steere Shimai went to choir and we met up with her later.

Tuesday Night’s devotional was by Sister Bonnie Oscarson, the YW General President. I didn’t realize how amazing she is! She has had a crazy life, but she is such a good example of relying of the lord. We watched a talk by Elder Christopherson as well about the gardener and the current bush. Look it up. It was a great talk. We always talk to our zone sharing things we liked from the Tuesday Devotional, so we did that afterward.

Wednesday: We got to host new missionaries! It was way fun and reminded me about my first day here. (by the way, i finally think i have found my way around). I had one sister from canada going to New York. I had one from Payson going to San Antonio that looked scared to death to be here. Then i had a sister from Ogden going to Georgia. Her room key didn’t work, so we spent a while getting that sorted out. But it was really good. I loved hosting. I also saw that sister from my single’s ward that is going to Ohio. It was so good to see each other for both of us, it reminded me of home.

Then we had class and taught Yuichi. It was actually a really good lesson. We didn’t take anything written down as a script, so everything came from my head. I felt like i did awful, and i took forever to get a sentence out, but he seemed very interested in the gospel after our meeting. About all i can do is testify and make promises, but it was okay. We used that Book of Mormon question that i talked about earlier to guide our lesson and it worked really well.

After that we learned about applying the lessons to our investigators. We had an odd number today because an elder in our zone is sick and the elders were taking turns staying with him. So i got paired with Taylor Kyodai, who is a resource teacher. He taught me tons and it was great to role play with him. He pointed out that it was so cool that God allowed the spirit to be with us even as we were role playing, and i thought that is just amazing. Even though we were just practicing, the Lord let us feel of His spirit.

The last class was taught by Watanabe Shimai. We basically just talked to each other in Japanese. It was pretty productive.

We get to go to the temple today! Alright, that’s all i have time for. Sorry for the stunning lack of pictures, we will try to better this week. Let me know if there is anything that you want to know about my life at the MTC. The church is true! I know that prayer works, i’ve experienced that a lot this week. I love you guys to pieces!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


Sister Tyler, Sister Steere, Sister Perry


Sister Perry, Sister Tyler, Sister Steere


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