Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

MTC–Week 4–MONTH 1 (Jan. 15, 2015)

on January 20, 2015

Thank you for all of your letters! Okay, this week has been particularly interesting. And particularly hard. But I have learned a lot about being a missionary and learning the language, so with trials come lessons.

Thursday…. After P-Day.
We did get to go to the temple and it was absolutely incredible. Our Sister Training leader Sister Kubota had names that we got to do endowments for. It was one of the best temple visits i have had. When we left the temple, the sun was setting and we could see all of Provo and it was just absolutely incredible.

Then the reality of mission life and learning Japanese set in. We had to teach Yuichi that night. I struggled a lot with this lesson. I just couldn’t understand anything. I couldn’t say anything. And i couldn’t even give a decent English sentence to say for one of my companions to translate for me. I felt totally defeated. As soon as we got out, i asked my companions to wait in the stairwell and went outside. I felt like i couldn’t help our investigator. After a few minutes i went back into my companions. Medeiros Kyodai told us we all needed to talk for a minute. So we sat in the stairwell and talked. He said that on his first transfer in Japan he felt totally helpless with Japanese. He felt exactly like i did – that he wasn’t helping his investigators and he wasn’t bringing them closer to Christ. He was telling this to his companion. His companion said that Medeiros was bringing him closer to Christ. He realized he didn’t have to speak perfect Japanese to help people and that I should know that too. He told us that if nothing else, we were helping him come closer to Christ. He left us to talk as a companionship. I honestly think God hand picked him to be my teacher. I have learned so much from him in these few weeks. I talked to him again after class, and he said maybe he experienced what he did so that he could help me, and maybe i was experiencing what i am to help someone else. I’m so grateful for my teachers and for God knowing me and what/who can help me the most.

After he left, my companionship went into an empty class and read scriptures. And this is where i think God has a sense of humor. We decided on reading Moroni 10. Just go read it and you will see what i mean.So after being sufficiently humbled, i felt like i was ready for another week. Honestly, this was probably the hardest moment that i have had so far, but i’m okay with that. i learned a lot about the Spirit and being okay with my Japanese.

Our Tripanionship of elders did and ‘english fast’ (meaning that they spoke solely japanese) for the day until the other two broke. it was really comical. Apparently, Drewes Churo won in the middle of a lesson, and he jumped up and cheered. Because of that though, we are all doing it for 3 hours in the middle of the day. Well, we are trying too. We role played a lot in class. We taught Yoshimi, our female investigator. We didn’t really do much else, honestly.

Happy Birthday Dad! Sorry i forgot to write that in the last email, but i didn’t forget. I hope you had a great day. We taught Yuichi again in the afternoon. This lesson was okay. ‘Yuichi’ helped me a little more with the Japanese part of it during our lesson, so that helped. We also had a workshop with a zone resource teacher – Abraham Kyodai. We basically practice getting to know an investigator and find out what their needs are. It was helpful, but we aren’t super good at it yet, but that’s why we practice. The rest of the night was us writing talks for Sunday. That was just dandy.

Sundays are great. We have interviews with our Branch Presidency, and President Butler did mine. I really like President Butler. He knew about the hard time i had on Thursday, so we talked a lot about that. From that conversation, i have been studying patience and having the Spirit every day for personal study. I think i’ve said before that i think God will give me opportunities to develop my patience that i do not have. President Butler also offered to give me a blessing, which i accepted. I’m so grateful for that. I feel like that helped me to focus and gain strength.

Our mission presidency is in the process of being changed, so for Relief Society, Sister Nally spoke.
The tripanionship of elders taught our ‘sunday school’ district meeting. It was really good, i didn’t know they worked so well together.

We always walk up to the temple on Sunday to get some fresh air. Then we had sacrament meeting where Steere Shimai was asked to speak, along with Pennington Churo. They speak Japanese really well, so it wasn’t really a surprise. They did awesome though. Then came choir practice. The performances are on Tuesday, and Perry Shimai and i stay in class while Steere Shimai goes with our zone, but we went on Sunday because it’s really fun. Our devotional was by Richard Heaton again on bridging the gap between lessons. Then he had recent convert missionaries stand up to tell about their conversion story. it was basically proving the point the conversion happens between lessons. it was an amazing talk.
Then we watched ‘Legacy’ in Japanese for our movie. I actually got a couple of phrases out of it, so i think that was a success.

Everything was mostly the same. In case you haven’t realized it, we have a very set pattern. We role played, then we taught Yuichi again. Our lesson actually went really well. He was having a hard time discerning the spirit from his own feelings, so we opened with a song, then read the scriptures trying to help him feel the spirit so we could point it out. We thought it went really well. Then we had TRC where we teach members. i’m starting to like that because it’s very very unscripted and we just teach by the spirit. Plus, they are members and they love us. So that’s fun too.

Our roommates left to go to their temporary missions early in the morming. They are going to Taiwan, but their visas didn’t come, so they got sent to Boston and Maryland. So now we have a room to ourselves… at least for another week. We did a lot of Japanese study and we didn’t teach. Our devotional was by Elder Nelson again. He told us to tell our families thanks for supporting us in serving a mission, so thanks from Elder Nelson. It was an awesome devotional about finding people who are desperate to hear of the gospel and turning their hurt into hope. It was so so good. I like Elder Nelson a lot, and it was special that we have gotten to hear from him twice.

We got to host new missionaries again! It’s really fun to do that. I had one sister that spoke very limited English – she was from Korea. I also had one going to Germany, and one going to Tokyo. So the older district is called our Sempai, the districts under them are Kohai (That would be us) and the new districts coming in after us are called Di-Kohai. But since we only have one under us, they are called our Kohai. Confusing? Sorry. We call the new districts Kohai, and the sister i hosted going to Tokyo is part of our Kohai. So that was really cool. They had 16 new missionaries (2 new districts) come into our zone. 10 of them were sisters. So now our zone has more sisters than elders. So now we have a great big zone.
For class we learned Japanese. My companionship got pulled out for more one-on-one instruction, which i think helps immensely. We had Medeiros Kyodai, but we only get to split off when a zone resource teacher comes into help. Then we switched teachers for what we call ‘coaching.’ So we had Taylor Kyodai helping us, but when he helps my companionship, he usually takes us one by one and helps us individually. Today was my turn and he went through a whole bunch of grammar principals with me. I think he’s a really good teacher too.

So we had a really funny problem. Sister Perry hosted someone, and brought them to the wrong building. The room was the same as ours though, so she opened it with her key instead of the new sister’s key and put her luggage in our room. Well they called her from class to get it and bring it to the front desk because the sister got to her room without luggage. It was kind of a funny situation. We had class again. Watanabe Shimai pulled me out to talk to me about making language goals. So i kind of felt like i got called to the principle’s office a couple of times this week, but it’s all good. Just goes to show how much support is here at the MTC.

So today has been a hard week. But i have totally seen how much God loves and knows me. It’s a testimony to me that i am in the right place at the right time. I know i’m meeting people who i need to meet and experiences things i need to experience. I love being a missionary. It’s the greatest job every. The church is true!


Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler
Japan Nagoya Mission



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