Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

MTC Week 5–Half Way!

on January 25, 2015

Statue outside residence hall.

Hello people in the outside world! This week has been really good. We have learned a lot both with Japanese and with being a missionary. And in case the week number hasn’t convinced you, I am exactly half way through the MTC. I have approximately one month until I will be in Japan teaching! I’m not sure I’ve learned half of what I need to know to get by yet, but I feel like I have made tons of progress! Here’s how the week has gone.

Thursday… After P-Day. We taught Yoshimi, our investigator. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom, which was a little tricky because Japanese people love their tea. But it was actually a really successful lesson. I honestly felt like I was being led by the Spirit in what to say, because I have no idea how I said half of the things I did. It was an incredible experience. And while my language skills do not necessitate a successful lesson, it definitely helps when I know what’s going on. And I still love the fact that even though we are role playing, God still allows the Spirit to testify and lead us in teaching, and allows our ‘investigator’ to feel the spirit as well. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

Friday: Happy Incident Day (we don’t talk about that…) Yes, I did remember and no I did not celebrate it 🙂 Mostly a typical day – study, learn Japanese, and teach. We taught Yuichi and actually committed him to prepare for baptism. Most of class consisted of learning and practicing Japanese and more role playing. Watanabe Shimai took my companionship out to talk to us about making commitments specific to the investigator. It was actually really helpful. Our commitments in our lessons have been really on track to helping our investigators come unto Christ. We also started to really focus on the commitments/goals we want investigators to do and that helped us in planning our lessons. I feel like our lessons have gone a lot smoother too.

(Kyleigh refers to “incident day in her letter. Incident Day refers to the day we had our house fire! We do remember it and somewhat celebrate it! Sometimes also referred to with much love as “Smores Day”!  So many miracles!)

Saturday: We taught Yoshimi again about the Word of Wisdom, which we weren’t planning on doing, but which we ended up feeling was very important. We committed her very specifically to not drink tea until our next appointment and it was just a very comfortable lesson. The Spirit was definitely there, and those lessons always seem to go the best. We had a sub for our afternoon class. Her name was Lyles Shimai, and we taught her as a less active member named Ivy. It was actually really fun to teach someone who was familiar with the gospel. After that lesson though, Perry Shimai began to feel very poor in health, so we went back to the room so she could sleep. Steere Shimai and I did a lot of planning and studying. Because Perry Shimai had to have a companion even when she was in the room, it was interesting to get everyone food. We ended up doing splits with our Sister Training Leaders. I also had to practice the piano with Elder Coleman and Elder Newey (who is a new missionary that came last week and was singing too). Apparently, because we are a threesome, if the two others are together, the other sister acts as a ‘solo sister’ and we are allowed to split with a companionship of elders in our district. So there is some MTC trivia for you. So I was able to practice with the elders for a little bit and that was really good.

Sunday: What a great Sabbath Day. They switched MTC Presidents, so we listened to the new Relief Society Presidency talk in Relief Society. We also got to watch Music and the Spoken Word right before Relief Society (which is one of my favorite parts of Sunday) The president now is President Burgess. I was sitting in Relief Society and I totally thought of Grandpa Catmull as they were talking and how he always went to Relief Society in the old folk’s homes. It made me smile and I thought it would you too. We taught our District Meeting on Sunday. It was on the Book of Mormon. It actually ended up being extremely funny. We were talking about the Pride Cycle and how that could apply to our lives right now as missionaries. And Drewes Choro proceeded to tell us about what he called the ‘Beef Cycle’ which was basically companionship inventory and how that helps us fix problems and the beef we have with our companions. I cannot accurately portray this in writing, but just trust me, we were all cracking up. I did not get called on to speak in Sacrament meeting, which I was kind of disappointed about because my talk was actually half decent this week. But our speakers were really good – they were from the other district. Then Coleman and Newey chorotachi sang. I kind of butchered the song near the end, but they sounded great.

Sister Perry was not feeling we again, so she and Steere Shimai went back to the room and i went with the district on our temple walk. That is one of my favorite parts of Sunday – I love getting out to get fresh air and new scenery.  We swapped again so Steere Shimai could go to choir. We all went to the devotional, which was by the new MTC presidency. It was actually cool. The president had us all say our purpose in our language at the same time. The Japanese one is definitely the longest. But it was so cool. We also went to a movie devotional by David A Bednar called “Becoming a Missionary.” it was excellent.

Monday: A very interesting day. Perry Shimai was not feeling well at all, so we skipped going to the gym and figured out how we would plan the day. Perry Shimai decided staying in bed all day would be the best, because then she wouldn’t have to miss parts of other days. So Steere Shimai stayed in the residence hall to do personal/companion/language study. That worked out well. Then I went with our Sister Training Leaders to do computer language study and class time. It actually worked out really well. One of the elder companionship had to go do a ‘how to begin teaching lesson’ so there were only four of us in class. So we didn’t go over new material so much as reviewed Japanese. We also had Medeiros Kyodai and a zone resource – Wilson Kyodai. So we got a lot of personalized help and that was very productive. We did more role playing. I got paired with Wilson Kyodai for role playing because we were off in numbers. I was struggling to find something to say to this investigator to help his needs and he stopped me and taught me some skills to help me not get so stuck. It was really helpful. Then Steere Shimai and I switched again so she could go to the night class. We were supposed to teach, but they let us miss it this night.

Tuesday: Sister Perry was feeling much better, so I’m glad she decided to stay in a full day and get better. We taught a lesson with Yuichi, and it went okay. I felt like our commitment was really specific to him. We asked him to invite his family to participate in the gospel commitments we had already asked him to do, like going to church, reading the scriptures, and he was really receptive to that. I also started to memorize the First Vision in Japanese. It is LONG. But i’m hoping to get it down.

Most of our district went to choir. Perry Shimai and I stayed behind to get extra help from our teachers. We had Medeiros and Wilson Kyodai again. Medeiros took us for coaching, which i’m grateful for because he’s an awesome teacher and I feel like I learn heaps (borrowing an Aussie word from Steere Shimai) from him. He taught us grammar to add to our prayers, and that night I said a long prayer in nothing but Japanese. It was great. I like when we split the class, because I feel like I learn tons more.
Our devotional was by an apostle! Elder M. Russel Ballard came and spoke to us. It was really good. He told us a bunch of bullet points that we should do as missionaries and also talked about those who made sacrifices for the gospel. It was really great. We then did a devotional review with our district.

On a side note: the tripanionship of Elders did another draft (for which apostle would come speak), which I think I wrote Carson about. Sister Steere was also in on it because she was with them the night I stayed back with Sister Perry. First, they did it by flipping a coin, and Sister Steere got 9 heads in a row. What are the odds of that? And Sister Steere won because she guessed Ballard, but Hart Choro also won because he guessed Brother Heaton, who was sitting on the stand. Honestly, some of the things that happen in class are super funny.

Wednesday: Very typical morning. Service, study, Language, lunch. We did a ‘how to begin teaching’ lesson with Abraham Kyodai, and I was absolutely horrible. Those are probably the hardest lessons for me to teach. Then we had class. We wrote summaries of the Restoration in Japanese. After dinner we taught Yoshimi about the restoration. It was funny. She was really attentive and interested. At the end we asked if she would read about the Book of Mormon and pray to know it was true. She said ‘Yes, but it’s probably true.’ It was just so fun to see how eager she was to know the gospel is true.

Then we had language study. Sister Perry and I got taken out by Watanabe Shimai for personalized language study, which I guess I should be happy about, but that made me feel like we were being taken into a remedial class. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely great – I learned a ton. But sometimes I feel like i’m way behind our class. And I know we shouldn’t compare our progress to others’s, but sometimes that’s really hard. She gave me very useful grammar, so that was good.

That’s about all. This morning we have been doing laundry and letter writing. We went to the bookstore. I also got asked to play the piano for someone again on Sunday, so I practiced that a lot. I hope I can do better on this one than the last.

The church is still really true! I really love the MTC, and my time here is now on the downward side. The weeks are going by so quickly, it’s insane. But i’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary.

Aishiteimasu! (I love you!)

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission

DSCN0259 (2)

Weekly teaching schedule.


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