Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

MTC Week 6–A bad cold

on February 1, 2015
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Kyleigh’s Zone

This week has been really good. I feel like it’s also been really routine, but here we go with this week!

Thursday: We got to go to the temple. Man I love the temple, and I’m so grateful for the blessings we receive there and ordinances that can be performed there. We also got to go with our Kohai districts (which are the two districts that came in after us). In our class where we sort of learned Japanese. It can be a really difficult language sometimes.Then we read the Book of Mormon as a class to receive revelation for our investigators. It was such a cool experience. Sister Steere and I have both been under the weather this week. We were feeling pretty cruddy at the end of class on Thursday.

Friday: Sister Steere was really sick (we both probably had a bad cold – possibly the same thing sister Perry had last week). She felt like she should stay in bed and get better, which I was kind of glad for because that meant I got to rest too. I didn’t feel good, but I refuse to miss class. Sister Perry and I split the classes and went on splits with our elders again. It worked out pretty well. Part of our class, Watanabe Shimai shared a story from her mission in Japanese so we could practice our listening skills (I think she just wanted us to pay attention and we all love listening to our teachers stories). She went to Nagoya if you will remember. And she said she saw one person be baptized on her second week in the field. But she was so happy about it. I like when she talks about her mission because she’s talking about MY mission too! It was really fun.

Saturday: We didn’t end up going to gym or service in the morning. It was funny because when we do service in our building, no one comes looking for you if you are sick. Saturday mornings, though, we clean the auditorium. They did come looking for us. We joked that it was because we clean the bathrooms every week without fail in the auditorium, and they didn’t know what to do without us. (Which was a joke! They just wanted to know where we were). Then we taught Yoshimi. It was a little harder to get our point across this time, but I think it went okay. We have a zone resource teacher that comes in a lot to our class because he likes our district and we like him too. His name is Wilson Kyodai (he went to Nagoya too by the way). He was in with us this day too. I like when we have coaching time with our teachers. I think it’s really helpful. I got recruited to accompany again in sacrament meeting and literally had time to practice the song twice. I played The Olive Tree??? for two of our sempai to sing. We also wrote talks in Japanese.

Sunday: Sunday was good as usual. We had amazing speakers from branch president’s wives in Relief Society. Sister Steere also got called to be a sister training leader along with a companionship from the Kohai district. They usually do companionships, but I think because we have so many sisters (16 mind you) they called someone from our district as well. We knew they were going to call Kohai to be it because we leave so soon. It’s totally good for Sister Steere, she will do awesome and everyone just loves her. We also got new zone leaders from our District – Pennington and Coleman Churo. They should do good too.

We had Sacrament Meeting. The last two speakers from the Sempai spoke because this upcoming Sunday we don’t have speakers because of fast Sunday, and they leave this upcoming Wednesday! Odds are either sister perry or I will speak the following week though…..

I also played the piano for those two sisters. I butchered the song, but they sounded really good. Honestly, probably only half the people could tell how severely i screwed up because that half plays the piano too. It could have been worse though, so it’s okay.

We got to walk to the temple, which is honestly a highlight of my week. One of the hardest things about the MTC is we are inside all of the time. I know God will bless me with this desire in Japan, where i’m going to say one of the hardest things about being in Japan is being outside all of the time 🙂

Then we had an awesome speaker  for devotional – Stephen Allen who is the director of missionary affairs or something to that effect. It was so so good. Pretty much all the devotionals here are.

Then we watched “The testaments” in Japanese. For Carson, that’s the movie about the book of mormon and christ’s coming that they watch in seminary every semester or so. It was actually okay, i understood a decent amount of the movie. Mostly the vocabulary though, not really the actual sentences.

Monday: Standard Morning. It was Australia Day and we all celebrated. We actually have a couple of Australians in our zone, so it was a pretty big deal. It was also Carson’s birthday, so he will be happy to know that he shares his birthday with Australia Day. We actually got to go to gym after a few days off because of being sick. We taught Yuichi about the Word of Wisdom. I felt a little lost in teaching him. But he committed to it, so that’s okay. Sometimes I feel like our investigators commit to willingly to things. But i guess they are ‘progressing investigators’ so by definition they keep commitments.

Tuesday: Basically this day was amazing. It was just so filled with the spirit. We got a lot of revelation for our investigators and I personally got a lot of revelation on just being a missionary. We had some extra study time and got to go onto computers to look up talks. Elder Bednar is really cool. We went to class. Most of our district went off to choir, and Perry Shimai and I stayed again to learn Japanese. It basically turned into mission story time with Medeiros Kyodai, but we were practicing our Japanese listening skills I’m sure. I love hearing about what it’s like in Japan.

Then we had a devotional by Larry Kacher from the Seventy. It was seriously probably the best devotional yet. He talked about What kind of missionary we want to be, how we can do that by allowing the spirit to be the real teacher, and how we can make those things happen. It was really inspirational and I felt so renewed as a missionary. He also told us that he was a convert that was constantly trying to work on his non-member family and he gave us the advice to never give up on our loved ones who are not yet accepting the gospel. That touched a lot of people in our district as we did district review, and it was such a strong point.

Wednesday: We went to gym first thing. Our zone all decided to try to break the Wall-sit record. It was actually really fun to do as a zone. I quit after just over two minutes (which was still longer than most shimai I might add). But the longest was one of our Kohai sisters – Clark Shimai. She lasted for seven and half minutes and beat all the elders. So that was quite interesting.

For service we cleaned showers in our residence hall. We are pros now so they give it to us so they don’t have to explain to someone else how to do it. We got to host again, which is so much fun. It’s great to see the new missionaries come with bright smiles so excited to serve. I also saw a sister from school I didn’t even know was going on a mission – sister Sara Hawker. We had the same friend group and I’ve been to her house. It was so fun to see her. It’s so good to see people i know here before I leave and no one is familiar.

Sister Steere went with one sister to the health clinic so this sister’s companion could be in class, and we almost had to teach without her. She is honestly like our life line to know what is happening a lot of the time. She made it back just in time to teach with us. It was a really hard lesson. We taught Yuichi about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and I had the hardest time thinking of something to say to him. It was really difficult. I didn’t feel very good coming out of that lesson even though he committed to what we asked him too. We also worked with Abraham Kyodai with getting to know people. It was okay. I wasn’t feeling very confident after teaching Yuichi. Then we went to TRC where we got to Skype real Japanese members in real Japan. It was so fun and made me want to go to Japan so much. Our sister was seriously the sweetest. We ended up committing her to do FHE type activities every day, – like eating together and spending time together. It went really well and was a lot of fun.

Japanese is still really tough. There is definitely a reason we are here for 9 weeks. I’m hoping it will come easier as we finish off our MTC visit. It’s still going really good though and I’m loving it here. I tell our hosting people they will love it here so much, because that’s how i feel about it. I’m going to miss it a lot, but i’m so excited to get to Japan.

The Church is true and i love you guys! Have a great week.

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


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