Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

Week 7

on February 23, 2015

LEFT TO RIGHT Top to bottom Elder Pennington and Elder Coleman Sister Tyler, Sister Steere, Sister Perry

WOW I’ve already finished off week! We have about 20 days left at the MTC and i’m trying to make every day count! Thank you for everyone who has been supporting me! Here’s how the week has looked for me and my companions:

Thursday: The temple was so good. We did an endowment session because Elder Drewes had family names that we were able to do. It was a super great trip and I’m so glad we get the opportunity to go to the temple so much here, because there isn’t a temple in my mission. I’m going to miss it a ton, but it’s a great opportunity here. We taught Yoshimi, our investigator about repentance. It was a really fun lesson to teach. I’m so grateful for that amazing plan that allows us to be forgiven of sins and mistakes. She seemed really receptive to it as well.

Friday: We taught Yoshimi about the Sabbath Day which we found out later that would be a huge struggle for her. But we believe that she can do it. We also broke down the 1st Vision to begin memorizing it in Japanese ( i have a picture of that to send). It was really helpful and I pretty much have that memorized now. We also got cinnamon rolls from my family. My district says thank you 🙂 We all tend to share the food we get, and we have a shelf in our classroom dedicated to food.  So thank you! One of the sisters in our zone (one of our Kohai) got news that she would be reassigned due to health concerns, and she was transferred into an english speaking zone on Friday. It was hard for our district to say goodbye to her. She is such a strong sister. She found out about these health concerns after she got to the MTC, and it was such a rough two weeks for her. But she has a great testimony and trust in the Lord that was just inspiring.

Also a funny story: when we got to gym we have to take our name badges off and put them in a cubby. Sister Perry forgot to pick hers up when we left, so we stopped by to get it before we went to class. She looked for it, and then she found Sister Steere’s badge in the cubby instead. Sister Steere has accidentally grabbed Sister Perry’s badge and had been wearing it, and none of us had noticed. It was quite a funny way to start the morning.

Saturday: We had class. We taught about tithing to Yuichi. We did a lot of skill practicing. Nothing really to report.

Sunday: Fast Sunday. On Fast sunday we have mission conference where we all meet together in our auditorium instead of relief society/priesthood. It was so great. I’m convinced pretty much all sunday meetings are great. Then the san-nin taught our district meeting. They taught about faith. Since they are pretty much known for the beef-cycle, they decided they would make the faith-cycle. I will send a picture of that. It was so funny to watch them explain it. It makes a lot of sense actually. It’s not doctrine, but they did find scriptures to back it up.

Testimony meeting was actually really sad. That sister that got transferred got permission to come to our sacrament meeting and she gave her testimony. Then all of our sempai gave their testimonies (they would be leaving the next morning). It was kind of a ‘goodbye’ meeting. I don’t think i like goodbye’s, and the next 18 (no wait, 17) months are going to be filled with them. But I’m so glad that we met them.

Our Sunday night devotional was by a BYU vice president. It was on companionships, so him and his wife did it together. It was so scripted and they had scripted jokes that weren’t funny but that made it funny. It was very peculiar. Then we watched a Tad R Callister talk on the Plan of Salvation. I LOVE teaching that lesson, so it was really interesting.

Monday: Our Sempai left at 3 a.m. They are now on their missions in Japan and I know that they are doing great! I will send pictures of them. Our classes were kind of relaxed because both of our teachers had hour long meetings they had to attend. We taught a lesson in about 15 minutes because of that, and it was good experience teaching really fast.

Tuesday: So the day started with me deciding to call our branch president to see if i could email my family dearest to see if my package of pills had been lost in the mail. I was told i would have to get even higher permission, so i went to see a district president. Actually, a district president’s secretary. She said that because i was from Utah, it would be quicker to just call them. Well, i wasn’t going to argue with that. So she led us to a detention room (that’s what we have dubbed the tiny rooms with no windows) with literally a desk and a phone. I called mom first, with no answer. So i left a message, which i know is going to remain on her phone until i return. This nice secretary let me try one other number, so i called Dad. No answer. I left a message. I found it absolutely hysterical. My thinking is that a. getting on their case for not answering their phones pre-mission was justified and b. i think they are going to answer their cell phones religiously for the next 18 months 🙂 I love you my family! Anyway, my package ended up arriving about 6 hours later, so it’s all good. Turns out Mom put the wrong zip code on it (yes, you put the one for Pleasant Grove instead of provo). It also got stamped with “Delay due to suspicious odor.” due to the banana bread. The banana bread was okay, actually. Not moldy yet, just a little old.

Class was a little hard. We taught Yuichi, which actually went well. We have been working on everyone participating in the lesson more, and i think we did well on this lesson. We then went to work with Abraham Kyodai and he basically just had us work on conversational Japanese. It was hard. But okay. We had a devotional that was alright and a devotional review.

Another funny story: Drewes Choro is our new district leader and he has been telling us all week he was going to give us a pep talk. He finally did on Tuesday. He started by asking three words that described our district, and Smith Choro jokingly offered up ‘dysfunctional.’ And then we learned how we should keep busy even as we wind down from our MTC stay. It was so funny. Our district is so great. We have bonded a lot this week. Everyone is talking about stories from home and it’s so great. It’s hard to believe we will be splitting up in 3 weeks.

Wednesday: The joy of only having three people in a room ended on Wednesday. We got roommates – a trio going to Washington state. We basically just got to see them last night. They seem nice. They will be leaving in just 11 days and will be out before we are.

In class, Sister Steere had to do sister training leader things, so Perry Shimai and I had to teach Yoshimi by ourselves. We had asked her to be baptized, but her husband won’t give permission. So it’s going to be an interesting week teaching her. But i thought we did okay, even without our translator. I felt the spirit really strongly, so i hope she did too. We discussed baptism and also the spirit. We also talked about praying for her husband and gave her Mosiah 27 to read, and think about how Alma the elder’s prayers for his son were answered. It was so great, i really felt like we were led by the spirit.

We has Skype TRC again. The internet connection was really bad, so it was hard to understand what he was saying (it’s already really difficult to understand anyway because it’s in japanese). But it was good. Watanabe Shimai actually knew our church member. And he was really nice. He takes pictures of all his TRC missionaries and put them on facebook, so maybe you can find it. His last name was something like ‘Miura.’

Then we practice street contacting in Japanese and it was so much fun. We did that a lot in mission prep, and i think it is so cool. I hope that i can feel that way in Japan.

Okay, that’s about all for this week. I have been studying a lot about faith and patience and teaching by the spirit. It is seriously so important. It’s really hard in Japanese to relate to people sometimes. At first I thought maybe the Holy Ghost didn’t speak Japanese because I was not helping people very much with my sad Japanese. But the Holy Ghost speaks in a language we can all understand. I think he helps our investigators understand what we are trying to say. It helps them to know and remember God’s plan. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to teach alone – the Holy Ghost is there to help us. We can do a lot as members too! Even if we are just talking to people, creating an environment where the spirit can teach them is so effective. Maybe that’s why i like street contacting. You can barely get to know someone, but you can usually find something in their live’s that the gospel can help them in and then the Holy Ghost can teach them.


Have an awesome week and stay true to what you know! one of my favorite quotes by i don’t know who: do your best until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Lots of love!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


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