Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan


on February 23, 2015

WOW. We have been here forever. It doesn’t feel like it, but we have 10 days left at the MTC. I have no where near mastered the Japanese language, so it’s a little intimidating that we will be leaving and preaching in just 10 days. It’s insane, but honestly, i love the MTC. We were talking about how sad it is going to be that in just 10 days we will be leaving and never coming back. But, here is this weeks experience.

Thursday: We got to do sealings in the temple! It was SOOO cool, i’ve never gotten to do it before. Missionaries can be sealed as children. It was so great and i’m really so grateful for the sealing blessings of the temple. We got to watch the sunset afterwards, and that was fun as well. I love the temple and it’s too bad Nagoya doesn’t have a temple yet.

We didnt teach, but we did an activity in class that made me realize how little japanese i actually know. It’s a HARD language desu yo!

Friday: We have convinced Watanabe Sensei that we need to go outside more, so she occasionally takes us out to walk around campus and we learn vocabulary. Well, that’s the reason we go outside, but we don’t always do that. I think we should call them Watanabe Walks. It’s really fun to get out of the classroom, especially with this warm weather.

We taught Yuichi. This was our last lesson with him before he (pretended) to be baptized, and Medeiros Kyodai let us start on a new investigator, so this was our last lesson time teaching Yuichi. I guess the real Yuichi (that Medeiros met on his mission) wanted to be baptized, but couldn’t because he was in the hospital. He doesnt know if Yuichi ever got baptized, but he had that desire.

Then we practiced street contacting, which was so fun. I decided i LOVE street contacting, which is probably good because we are going to be doing that a lot. We paired up and practiced being the missionary and investigator. I was paired with Medeiros Kyodai and he was the missionary (because you know, he needs the practice). I literally understood maybe 10% of what he said. But he said Japanese People will be understanding. I like the street contacting aspect because you have maybe 2-3 minutes to help people change their lives. It’s exciting.

Saturday: For gym we rode the bikes overlooking Provo. Man, it’s pretty, so that was a good start to the morning. We taught Yoshimi about fasting, and Sister Steere bore a super powerful testimony. I could tell Yoshimi was really touched, so that was a cool experience.  We did street contacting again. It’s hard, but great practice. We had weekly planning, which seriously takes ages.

That night we prepared for our lesson (oh, we had to teach district meeting on Sunday) and prepared to talks. It’s a very laid back night as we prepare for Sunday.

Sunday: I had to pray in our great big RS meeting with one of our Kohai. That was pretty cool. They had district presidency wives speak, and it was great as always. Then we taught district meeting on the atonement. I felt like it went really well. Pres Butler was in with us, and he liked it a lot. He liked that we pointed out that in order to help our investigators use the atonement more, all of our strategies involved feeling the spirit and helping them to feel the spirit.

And surprise, i spoke in sacrament meeting. It was on the Atonement as well. People understood me, which I hope is a good thing. But it could be bad, considering people here with three weeks less experience understood me… But it was fine. And now i don’t have to worry about it for the next 10 days.

We went to choir practice because Brother Egget (the director) is just awesome. We go on Sunday’s to practice, but we stay in class on tuesday when they actually practice to perform, but that’s okay. We sang Nearer My God to Thee, which is actually a song about Jacob and his dream in the old testament. It was really nice.

Our devotional was by Kelly and Kathy Mills and they were really funny. She spoke about the atonement helping with our weaknesses, which I felt like definitely applies to me. Kelly Mills actually served in Nagoya! Also, the MTC President’s (President Burgess) son also went to Nagoya. Also, last week we got 45 new missionaries going to Japan (not in our zone though) It’s amazing! The Lord needs missionaries in Japan right now!

Then we went to watch Thomas. S. Monson documentary. The prophet is so cool! It kept talking about how he was given such specific preparation in order to be the prophet today. He is called of God and I sustain him!

Monday: We got a new investigator: Hiro San (not to be confused with our first investigator Hara San. (Sister Steere accidentally called him that in our lesson). He is a college kid and doesn’t believe in God. Even though they are playing people they meet, sometimes our teachers’ personality comes out into our investigators. Medeiros Kyodai is a struggling college kid, and I felt like that part of the investigator was sincere. It’s different trying to help real concerns.

We also have another zone resource teacher that helps us out a lot. His name is Hollister Kyodai. He went to Tokyo, he is majoring in Japanese, is married and a total military guy. He actually taught our sempai before they left. He is also playing an investigator  that we got to teach for the first time – Ina San. He’s a young married guy with a little kid. He was really fun to teach, but hard too. He’s a good teacher though, I like him.

Tuesday: Basically a standard day. Medeiros Kyodai was gone so we got Hansen Kyodai. He is like a total rule follower, and I think it’s funny. We are not supposed to have food in our classroom, but we didn’t really know that because our other teachers didn’t tell us. They like to eat our food just as much as we do! But Hansen Kyodai is a good guy. We learned how to listen to the spirit in lessons and how important that is. Our devotional was by Larry Wilson on the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday: was pretty normal. We had Hansen Kyodai again and spent the enitre 3 hour teaching block studying japanese ( pretty abnormal, they usually break it up with teaching skills)

We had skype TRC last class. It was so hard. I struggle with understanding actually japanese people a lot. She was from Nagoya, which was pretty cool. But it was so hard. My companions were able to keep it going a little, but honestly, it was tough. I can’t beleive i’m about to leave – i don’t think i know near enough. But i’m trusting God will help with that.

We we got some sad news. Medeiros Kyodai came in last class with his arm in a cast. He had sliced the back of his hand twice while opening a box, and one had hit a tendon in his finger. He told us that he had thought it over, and he had decided to move back to Hawaii. He said he had been thinking about it a long time, but the fact that he now can’t write or type in school was just a last straw kind of thing. He withdrew from school and was leaving this upcoming week, so he came in to say goodbye. It was kind of a sad deal. I decided i’m not good with goodbyes, but the mission is full of them so I need to get used to that. Having a favorite teacher is like having a favorite apostle – you aren’t supposed to but everyone does. Medeiros Kyodai was definatly my favorite teacher. Given, we only had 5 classes left with him. But I am just so grateful for everything he taught me. I really feel like i learned so much and he related so well with my concerns. I wish him the best, but it’s going to be a weird next few weeks without him.

So that’s my week! I love you a lot and i’m short on time. So i will send pictures. Have a great week!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


Elders Drews, Hart, Sister Tyler, Sister Perry, Steere, Elders Coleman, Pennington, Medeiros Kyodai, Elder Smith


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