Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

WEEK 9–Last week at MTC

on February 25, 2015

DSCN0326We are on our final week here at the MTC! This past week has gone by so fast – honestly, I’m looking back in awe of how fast it went. Here’s what we’ve done for the past little while.

TRAVEL PLANS: we leave FEB 23. We have to be at the travel office at 335 am, and our flight leaves at 830. This is abnormal for Nagoya missionaries, but we are all flying right to Tokyo. Actually, all Japanese missionaries leaving that day (about 20) are on the same flight to Tokyo. We get there at 300 p.m. on Tuesday FEB 24. We part ways there, and i will travel with our elders at 630 p.m to Nagoya, where we will arrive FEB 24 730 p.m.

Thursday: We had the opportunity to go to the temple. It was an insane time trying to get there. First, Sister Steere and I forgot our name badges and realized at the gate of the MTC. So we went back to get those. Then, we got the temple and Sister Perry realized that she had dropped her recommend on the way up. So we retraced our steps and didn’t find it. At this point, we had missed our endowment session at the temple. We went to the front desk of the MTC hoping that someone had brought it in, and by some miracle, someone had turned it in just about 10 minutes prior. It was so amazing. God wanted us to go to the temple. So while we missed the endowment session, we were able to go to a sealing session. It was so special. We got a lot of time to just be in the temple, and just feeling that spirit was incredible.

During our night class, I got to do one-on-one coaching with Watanabe Shimai. It was such a great conversation. I am really really struggling with this language – I’ve never had to work so hard to learn something, and it is just not sticking very well. I told her how frustrated I was that i couldn’t really teach because I can’t speak the language and i can’t understand our investigator. We read Mosiah 26 and talked about how God helps His missionaries. I felt the spirit a ton, and she asked me what God was trying to teach me. I felt this overwhelming impression: teach the way that you do in English. That sounds so simple, but at that point, it just made sense to me. In English, i don’t worry about what I’m going to say. I worry about our investigator, about what they need, about what in the gospel will help them. She told me that’s the way that i need to be teaching then. So that was a focus for me this week. It is still really hard to do, but it’s so important.

Friday: Sister Steere got to go to Temple Square as an international (from international). The temple was closed, but they got to hang out around temple square for a good majority of the day. It was a really normal class. Hollister Kyodai has been coming in to help us at night, and he’s a really good teacher. He is also one of our investigators, and I like teaching him. He repeats what we mean to say back correctly while we teach, so we can hear it correctly, and that’s really helpful.

We also taught Yoshimi. Her struggle recently has been that she wants to be baptized, her her husbands mother does not want her to, so her husband will not give permission. So we talked to her about bearing her testimony and the importance of bearing testimony. It was a really special lesson.

Saturday: Our custodian that leads our service projects was WAY late. We were holding out on the college rule that says if your teacher is 15 minutes late, you can leave, but we stretched it to 20 minutes. He literally came 2 or 3 minutes before we were going to leave. But that’s alright. Service is actually kind of relaxing. It reminds me of cleaning the Vet clinic sometimes, except we used way better chemicals at work.

We had a Japanese Native sub for one of our classes, but he wasn’t prepared and it basically turned into more study time. It’s been tricky since Medeiros Kyodai left because subs don’t really know what we are doing.

Sunday: It was pretty normal. The rest of our district spoke in sacrament meeting – Perry shimai, Drewes, Smith, and Coleman Choro. It was a nice sacrament meeting, and Pres Butler promised us none of us would speak next week. Apparently, Drewes and Hart Choro have been keeping track of the number of times that everyone has said ‘um’ in their talk. They gave Smith Choro a hard time because he said ‘Um’ 135 times in a 4 minute talk. We all got a good kick out of that. So the Kohai have all week to wonder who it will be from them.

The devotional was by Stephen Allen, who has come once before. It was good. We also went to a movie by elder Holland entitled “missions are forever.” It was so good. He’s so animated and determined for us to make the most out of our missions. It was really inspiring.

Monday: We taught Yoshimi. Her mother-in-law gave her consent for Yoshimi to be baptized. That was really cool. We taught her more about baptism, It was a good lesson for her. And for us too. She is going to be baptized this weekend. One of our zone resources also came in to say goodbye. Wilson Kyodai is going out of town and won’t be back before we leave for Japan. So we took a picture with him and said goodbye. It’s so sad to see all these people leave! But i’m so grateful for them.

Tuesday: Really normal day. We started packing. I had a great experience in personal study. I ready Pres Uchtdorf’s talk about gratitude in the May 2014 ensign. It was so inspiring, you should all read it. It made me want to be tons more grateful, so i wrote down everything that i was grateful for in that moment. It was so great and made me feel so grateful and full of love towards my Heavenly Father. Our Devotional was by Daniel Johnson on God as our Loving HEavenly Father. It was good to hear since we are going somewhere where they have pretty much no perception of God.

Wednesday: A day of lasts: last service in our building, last gym time, last time seeing new missionaries arrive, last TRC. We did a lesson where the sole purpose was to use new grammar principles. It was interesting… We also taught Yoshimi again. We have to get through a few more commandments, and i forgot how many questions she asks. We meant to get through two, but we only got through part of one. But it’s all good. TRC was pretty good too. We taught the same lady we taught last week. It was one of our better TRC lessons, and we taught about the first presidency message in the ensign (also really great and i encourage you to read it).

Thursday: Packing! It’s insane, we only have a few days left.

This week has been incredible. It’s gone by too fast, but it’s so great. I have LOVED the MTC, and i’m sad to leave. But i’m also ready to get out and go to Japan and teach real people! The next time you hear from me, i will be in Japan.

This church is so true. I’m so grateful for the scirptures, and the latter-day scriptures from our prophets.

Lots of love – aishitemasu

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


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