Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

Week 10–Welcome to Japan!

on March 9, 2015

After waiting a full week–we FINALLY heard from Kyleigh! We were so excited! She made it to Japan just fine and seems to be loving it. We are excited for this new chapter in her life!

A week of LASTS!

Hello from Japan!!!! Ok, i’m seriously struggling to type on this keyboard, so please fix all my typos.

Thursday: We did our last endowment session! It was so great.

Friday: We had in field orientation all day long. It was a presentation that was really helpful, but also really long.

Saturday: We had our last service early in the morning. Our service instructor let us go really early, and that was nice because we had a lot of packing to do. We had our last class with Watanabe Shimai. We taught tithing using cookies, which is really effective. It was sad to say goodbye, she was such a nice teacher. We had a culture class in the afternoon, which was really helpful.

Sunday: Our last sunday! Sister Steere bore her testimony again in sacrament meeting, and the rest of the speakers were Kohai. We watched Character of Christ again, and it is incredible. Honestly, it makes me want to be a better person and to turn outward in the midst of trouble.

Monday and Tuesday: Becasue I’m not really sure where the split was, and I kind of missed a day: We woke up bright and early at 3. I swear I weighed my bags at least 50 times. I ended up having to throw out a lot to get under 50. Then the guy at the airport put his foot on the weight to make it go WAY high, and I about had a heart attack. But it was pretty funny. We took the trax to SLC and then another to the airport (with all of our luggage, which was way fun. (Thank you for my duffle bag). We were told that our flight was canceled the pilot from TX didnt get to SLC in time, so our connecting flight at Portland was going to leave w/out us. But they got them to hold it and we left. I’m sorry Carson missed my phone call. My phone card didnt work in Tokyo. We swiched at Narita, and there was NO ONE at the airport. We departed there. We said good-bye to my comps, and I traveled with elders until Nagoya.

It was funny – Elder Coleman went to ask where we were supposed to go because we can’t read anything. He went to a little shop, and was promptly told to go to the ‘gaijin center’ aka the information desk (gaijin is ‘foreigner’). The ride to Nagoya was really rough. The lady I sat next to was not impressed with my Japanese skills, so we talked in English. Once we gathered our luggage we met a whole gang of people from the mission home! It was a lot of fun. I’m actually surprised you didnt get an email from them, because they took pictures. We went to the mission home. The Yamashita’s are great. They are really funny and have a great relationship with each other. They love us, I really feel that. We ate Not-MTC-Food, which was really cool.

Wednesday: We had orientation in the morning, where they told us the rules and about Nagoya. We met our companions! We walked into the church next to the mission home. It was pretty obvious which one was mine. Her name is Sister Patrick. She is incredible, honestly. I have been praying for her for such a long time, and she is just awesome. She has been out about 7 months. She actually just finished training another sister, and now she gets me! I am in the Ichinomiya District in the Fukutoku Zone. (So I invite you now to look at Google maps!) We were on our way to the zone at about 1 p.m. We took trains, which again made me very grateful for my comp. We bought a bike first thing, and I’m glad I had yen on me, because we needed it right away. I hope I got a good one, I couldn’t understand anything that was happening. The one I wanted actually couldn’t have a basket put on, so I chose another that I hope will last. I did get the correct size, and the mission home told us where to get it, so it should be good. I haven’t wrecked yet, so that’s a plus. I have fallen off a few times though. Riding in a skirt is not the easiest thing in the world. We had an appointment straight off. Fa San is the mom – what an amazing person. She quit smoking after being given a blessing, which totally built her strength. Yu Chan is her 9yr old daughter who wants to be a missionary.They were getting baptized on Sunday, which is why we had to meet with them right after I got there. Then we went to Eikaiwa (english class). We teach it as our service each week. It was really fun. It’s held at the church, which we live right across the street from.. It was a full day, but an amazing first day!!

Thursday: We exercise at the church. Resistance bands were an amazing idea. We have 3 elders in our area. They are good elders. It was raining, and so began my experience with kappas. I used one in the apartment that didn’t fit very well, so that was interesting. We will be buying one today. Sister Patrick’s bike popped on our way to an appointment, and we ended up having to walk back home. Bikes are a blessing, let’s just say that. It was actually an adventure walking home, but we missed an appointment. It’s all in the Lord’s hands though. Sis Patrick said things like that happen a lot, and then later we find out  someone we met becasue of it becomes an investigator, or our missed lesson actually gave the investigator more time to feel the spirit and think. So it’s all good. God has a plan for each and every one of his children, and I honestly believe that. We had kids Eikaiwa at a preschool too, and that was so much fun. I felt a little like Marlin on Nemo – ‘your really cute, but I have no idea what you’re saying…’ But they are cute. Then we had a lesson with Am Kyodai. He’s so cool. He’s just got baptized last month. He speaks spanish. so we are using a church spanish book to teach him and lots of movies, and a translator when we can find someone who knows both. It’s just such a testament to me that it isn’t all in the language – it’s all in the spirit. Am kyodai actually baptized that family which was really cool. We taught the restoration, and I got to bear my testimony. I can’t help very much in lessons, but I try. Sis Patrick is amazing! Then we cleaned the font. It was cold! They have room heaters in japan, so if they aren’t turned on, it’s cold. Then we watched the elders fix the bike.

Friday: We studied until lunch time. We went to visit members and on the way Sis. Patrick’s bike went flat again. So we brought it into the shop and went street contacting while it was getting fixed. Sis. Patrick stopped two girls and asked if I could practice my Japanese with them. It was a good way to get them to stop, and while they weren’t interested it was so fun! I LOVE the Japanese people. They are the SWEETEST people I have ever met. They are even nice when they tell you No. We did planning. Weekly planning is really long, but we absolutely need it. We had another appointment with a family, but they were late coming home, so we went housing! The apartments around here have intercoms, so we didn’t really see anyone. They are called Kekka boxes by missionaries because kekka is the word they use to reject you. But it was fun. I kind of rock at getting rejected because I can follow that conversation from beginning to end. I get lost if they say something else, and I let Sis patrick take it. 🙂  I like street contacting though, it’s fun. We had game night at the church for the ward. There was a good turn out. I tried Muchiga, one of the few teas that is allowed. Jake will know. It tastes like cigarette water. It’s made out of wheat, so it also kind of tastes like dirt. I hope I can get used to it!

Saturday: We had a kids eikaiwa reunion. Apparently they used to hold it at a house before the preschool. That was nice. We did more planning. then we went to visit members. We saw Blanca Shimai and Americo Kyodai, who are neighbors. We just met with them for a brief moment outside their houses. Bla Shimai is a less active, but she is from Peru and speaks Spanish, so we could all communicate. Am Kyodai has an outside cat that acts just like a dog. It was so funny to watch.

Sunday: POURING RAIN! We had a long language study aka church. We have a missionary meeting with the ward mission leader before church. Then three hours of me having NO clue what was happening. But it’s all good. I was asked to bear my testimony because I’m new. They had a returned missionary do it too, and one of the elders is new to the area, so he did it as well. It wasn’t a big deal. They all know that I’m new, and they are forgiving of my poor Japanese.

There was a baptism after church! IT WAS AMAZING! It was so cool to see them take that step. I haven’t known them for very long, but I just love them! Am Kyodai performed the baptism, but because he was new, he had to redo both of them because they didn’t go under the water all the way. He also did it in Spanish, because they are from Peru. That was cool. They are being confirmed next week. I just love that people are so prepared to hear the gospel. Fa shimai was actually a referral, but kind of a self-referral because she told her friend she wanted to know more about her church, and the friend contacted us. They were taught all the lessons and baptized in about 2-3 weeks. They are incredible people.

After That we mingled with members. I talked with people, but it basically turned into charades. But it was a ton of fun. I LOVE this ward. They are amazing amazing. I have never seen a ward so involved with the missionaries, and missionaries who are so involved with the ward. The missionaries that have been here can name pretty much everyone in the ward. So it was a lot of fun to talk with them.

Then we met with a member – Hib Shimai. She actually has a son on a mission, so she LOVES missionaries. She speaks pretty good english too. She loves talking though, and we were there for a long time. But she is such a sweetheart.

I LOVE the ward I’m in. They love missionaries here, even the nonmembers and less actives. The ward works so close with the missionaries and supports us so much. It’s so great. They are so patient with me being new, and they are just amazing.

New missionaries are typically nicknamed ‘green beans’ but they call us beanchans in Japan. So that’s fun.

I encourage you all to read ‘The Power of Everyday Missionaries’  It’s such a great book and teaches so many great things. The members here love that book, and we read it for our mission. I also encourage you to read “The atonement and the Journey through Mortality”. By elder Bednar. It’s great.

Ok, Being a Missionary is AMAZING! I keep thinking how incredible it is to be in JAPAN, sharing the greatest thing in the world with people! I am so blessed to be able to be here. My thought this week is just how eager God is to bless us and how much he know us. He is truly aware of every single person in the world, and He loves them, individually, personally. I am so fortunate to be representing Him and Jesus Christ.

Have an Amazing week!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


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