Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

Random Questions Answered (a.k.a. Dad Wants to know……..)

on April 8, 2015


Dad sent a series of questions to Kyleigh. She sent back some answers. She likes questions, so if you are inclined to ask her, she will let you know! 

Answers to questions (keep them coming, I like questions)

How is the bike riding going?  Fine-ish. I actually really like it. Bikes are blessed forms of transportation. And it’s all flat where i am. So it’s good. I did wreck.

Are you trying to learn the symbols?  How is the language coming this week?  I know the alphabets. Kanji is super difficult and i’m not even going to attempt to learn that for a while.

Where do you email each week?  Internet cafe?  Nope, at the church. they have computers specifically for family history, but we get to use it for email.

Did you get your first package? Yes – thank you! Mom said Dad went to get me poptarts. thanks.

How has the weather been? Wet. Always wet.

How is your bike doing?  Pretty good even though i wrecked it. I think it’s going to be a good one.

We finally got a letter from you president.  It had a cd with it showing you coming off the plane and your testimony in the chapel and you getting your new companion. Yep, i got one too. They call it our ‘bean video.’ i think i told you how we are called beans here. new Missionaries are called  green beans and the majority of missionaries shorten it to greenies. But in japan we take the bean part and they say bean chan.

How is you companion treating you.  Do you get along?  Yes we get along really well. She’s awesome. Super hard worker, super awesome, super sweet, and she loves everyone!

Did she already know Japanese be for she came out?  Yes a good amount, but not really they church words. She learned a lot out here too, but she’s super fluent and our street contacts are always super impressed. Her mom is from Hiroshima.

Your president seem really nice and his wife.  It made mom happy when she gave you a hug….since we cannot. When do you get your new president?  He’s really great. He’s such a sweet guys, and really pushes obedience. We get the new one in June.

Have you got your iPads?  What does it have on them?  Do you have to buy it? We should be getting them in the next few weeks. Right now it’s just the lds app i think, and language learning stuff. They are slowing going to introduce other stuff. it doesn’t sound like we will be buying them, just renting them.

Have the cherry blossom started to bloom?  Not yet. Possibly early April.

I’m in a ward. I have no idea who owns/leases the appartments, but it’s right across from the church which is super convinient. We do have an actual building to meet in. Sister P. is 1/2 Japanese – her mom is from Hiroshima. She knew a lot of Japanese before coming. She was only in the MTC for 2 weeks. She’s amazing, and super deticated. She is an awesome example and just a great missionary. I love her so much. I’m in Ichinomiya city.

The mission is HUGE. Elder C. went the furthest away out of all of us – he’s almost 6 hours by train away from Meito (where the mission home is) I’m about 45 minutes away.

We might have to go to Fukutoku to get english conference. We watch it at a church. We get it a week later. It’s like the super bowl in the mission field we can hardly wait. Also there’s a new easter video coming out on the 28th, watch it! it’s probably fantastic!

Sister Kyleigh Tyler


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