Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

Week 14 (March 29, 2015) –MEMBERS, KOKANS, AND RAIN!

on May 25, 2015
Ky in  Kappa Imagine wearing this over a dress, riding a bike, in the rain! FUN FUN!

Ky in a Kappa!
Imagine wearing this over a dress, riding a bike, in the rain! FUN FUN!

Hello everyone! This week has been happy and hard. But the past few days have made me just love being a missionary! I hope everyone back in the states is having fun!

Monday: I made salty banana bread. Yeah, i accidentally used sea salt instead of regular. So it tasted salty. What a bummer. But it was all good. Most of our appointments feel through this day. But that happens as a missionary. Pretty much daily our plans change. But everything is totally in God’s hands. I got a blessing from the elders because I am SO sore from falling of my bike. You wouldn’t think it would hurt that bad. But i’m grateful that we have worthy elders who can do that for us. I’m pretty sure that shimai are never without elders in their area just for that purpose. The priesthood is amazing. I don’t know if I really appreciated it as I should have before my mission. But it is literally the power of God, and it has been restored! And that’s incredible.

Tuesday: I went on a Kokan! That’s exchange by the way. I forgot the English word last week and I think i said transfer. No, it’s an exchange. I got to go to Fukutoku! Our sister training leader came here, and i was with a sister named Sister B. She’s from Idaho. It was really interesting. She had a whole day planned for us, but her bike got a flat tire about an hour in. So we ended up having to walk everywhere, and didn’t get a lot done. But we did get to do a lot of street contacting, which was awesome! I love talking to people. We did get to meet with a recent convert, and we taught about Easter, which was a lot of fun. Then we caught a train down to a city i forgot the name of. We fed the homeless with a bunch of other missionaries and with this volunteer group. It was good. I like my own futon though. It might help that i actually have two futon pads. Okay, we are spoiled. It was fun to be in the city though. We were literally in the city. I’m not in the country, it’s kind of in between, but it felt like the country compared to Fukutoku.

Wednesday: We switched back in the morning. I think we will be doing another Kokan this week and I will be with our sister training leader. We went with T. Shimai (our RS pres) and a nonmember to visit a grave site. The nonmembers daughter was Mormon, but she died a while back. So the missionaries go with her to grave every few months. Japanese graves are awesome. They are so ornate and just beautiful. It was really interesting. they pour water on it, and I’m not really sure why. But it was just cool. Then we went to eat sushi. Sushi is really good, especially in japan. Then we had Eikaiwa. Teaching english is super interesting. Lots of fun.

Thursday: We had district training meeting (DTM) and Pres Y. came. It was really good. The Y’s are really great. DTM is always really intense. We had an appointment with A K, but he didn’t show. We have to have a tachiai to teach him, so sister K was there. So we had a conversation with her. She’s an awesome convert and she has such a strong testimony! I just love our members! We’ve actually visited a ton this week – 11 member families! I don’t even know how we did that, but they have all been so great. I also love visiting the less actives. I once heard someone say that less actives are investigators with a Christian background. I just love visiting them! And they really like us too, which is cool.

Friday: Planning. Weekly planning is so necessary and so long. It’s a struggle between wanting to do it because it’s so necessary and we would die without doing it and not liking it because it’s so long. But it’s good. Then we tried our hand at Mall dendo again. We still aren’t very good at it. It’s really hard to talk to people who are shopping. The elders also told us about this companionship that tried to act super gaigin (foreign) at a mall by eating french fries and ice cream, and the teenagers came up and talked to them. So we tried that. We actually thought it was going to work. it didn’t. But hey, french fries and ice cream. Then we had game night. The elders have been going on Kokans all week because Elder B is the district leader and it’s getting near the end of the transfer. So Elder A from Gifu was with us. It was a blast. He’s super funny, and our members seemed to like how serious he played UNO. So that was good

Saturday: Was just weird. We had transfer calls a week early because Pres Y is going to SLC for conference and won’t be here next week. But we aren’t allowed to know what’s happening with anyone. Ours is pretty obvious. Training is two transfers, so Sister P and I will not be moving. We’ll see about the elders. Our guess is Elder F is transferring and Elder B is getting a beanchan! So we’ll see next week. Then we went with a member – A. Shimai – to do some tracting at the eki. She’s an awesome missionary! We talked with the older couple for almost an hour about the gospel. And that was so cool. Then we went to an IndoCurry place (we eat curry a lot. You should try it, it’s awesome) to eat lunch, and she gave a card to our waiter. And he turns to us, and in English says : When do you teach about Jesus? Us: All day every day. Him: Where?? Us: Where ever  Him: Okay, i’ll probably call.

A shimai is thinking about going on a mission, and I hope she does. She’s awesome and she would do so well! Then we had an appointment with the second counselor of the bishopric and his family. He is basically over the missionaries, we work with him a lot. I love them! We got to go with the elders, and we ate dinner and talked about POEM (power of the everday missionary book). We all felt so bad though, because their kids were tired and not really cooperative. and then their daughter knocked over the table and food got everywhere. But it was good. i really like them. Our ward is just awesome. Then we went housing and found this guy who is Muslim and actually came to the door to talk to us instead of using the Kekko box. We talked with him for a little bit, and it was really intense. He had lots of questions. He told us we could come back, but we gave him to the elders to work with. We weren’t really sure if he was actually interested. But it was a really interesting that’s for sure.

Sunday: Amazing day! Church in Japanese. Then we biked to the furthest member from us – she’s 18 miles away from our house just to give you an idea of our biking:).  She wasn’t home, which was kind of a bummer, but everything is totally in God’s hands. We went with the Elders to visit her, and then we decided to go see a family who is part member, on the way home. We got there just as they were getting home. They invited us in. the sister is mormon, but her husband is not. this was the first time he has heard from the missionaries, so he let us teach the first lesson. It was SO SPIRITUAL! It was so cool to teach as a yon nin with the elders and to have her testifying! And he was so nice. It was definitely what we needed to do. It was actually one of my favorite lessons that we have had thus far. It was incredible. and i just love being a missionary. then we visited another member of the bishopric and his family. Remember how i said we visited 11 members this week? We literally saw two or three members a day it felt like. And i have such an appreciation for them!

So i hope you all are prepping for conference! We are all just so excited for it! also, this awesome mormon message came our for Easter. please watch it!!

So this week i’ve been reading in Alma about the amazing missionaries. And this is what I’ve been thinking about. I’m convinced we are all converts or that we all go through conversion. I think about Alma and the sons of Mosiah and Amulek and how they went through conversion. They were church members before, but each of them went through their own conversion. Then i think about King Lamoni and his father that were not church members, but became converts as well. I think we are all on our own path to conversion, whether we are lifelong members or not.  So i thought i’d share what i consider to be mine. People actually ask this question a LOT out here – how do you know the church is true? what made you want to know? So here’s what I tell them (more or less. You know, i still can’t really speak Japanese).

I was 12 or 13 and I honestly wanted to know if God existed. I was born into the church, so I guess I never really questioned it. But I remember wanting to know the answer to that question at that point in my life. And I guess at that point I understood what it means to pray with real intent. I remember sitting in Sacrament meeting one day reading my scriptures as the sacrament was being passed and I read 1 Timothy 4:10-16

10 For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe.

11 These things command and teach.

12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an exampleof the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

13 Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.

14 Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.

15 Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.

16 Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.

At this point, I felt the spirit so strongly, probably the most I had ever felt up to this point in my life. I wanted to trust and believe in the Savior. I wanted to be a believer, and I wanted to know. Verse 13. 15 and 16 really touched me. It basically gave me the road-map to receiving answers to my prayers. read, meditate, give thyself wholly to them. To me, this meant try living the gospel – really living it. Not just going to church. Really living it. I felt God’s love. I knew that God cared whether or not I knew for myself. He wanted me to know for myself. And He told me how to do it. I wasn’t converted at that moment. But I think that was the beginning of my becoming converted. At that point, I did exactly what i’m asking people to do now – I read the Book of Mormon. I prayed about it. I lived the principles and tried to really find out if this church was true. And I got an answer. I’ve had many answers since then. I know the church is true.

I like answering this question from investigators because I did the same thing i ask them to do and I still do whenever I have a question. Because to some degree, I’m just like them on my search to find answers too. And I know the joy they can experience from doing this.

I’m still on a path to conversion. I’m astonished how I can still read the Book of Mormon and read something that I swear I’ve never read before, that I can learn something I didn’t get before. And I’m so grateful that we can pray again and again about it and still get that positive answer. That’s one of the greatest things to me – Even though we may have already gotten an answer about the Book of Mormon, we can get that positive answer again if we have that real intent.

I hope we are constantly evaluating our path to conversion. Every time we strengthen our testimony and act on those things, we become more converted. I’m so grateful that God does care about us individually. And He does answer prayers.

I hope you all have an amazing week! Keep smiling and Japan! Also, the cherry blossoms should be up this week! pictures to come!

Lots of Love!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


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