Sister Kyleigh Tyler is serving an LDS mission in Nagoya Japan

WEEK 16 (April 12, 2015)–Transfers AGAIN! and 6 weeks in Japan!

on May 25, 2015
Sister Missionaries and Sakura

Sister Missionaries and Sakura

Hello dear family! Here’s what this week has looked like:)

Monday: First day of the new transfer! I am now officially on transfer 2! Holy cow I’ve been here for 6 weeks! I still feel like I just got here. I guess that feeling probably never really goes away.

Tuesday: We got to go to the honbu to the trainer’s training for the new trainers. Their beanchans came in on Wednesday. It was super fun. For transfers, all the missionaries transferring meet at an eki in nagoya, and we got to go and see the excitement. And I got to meet new missionaries, which was cool. I love missionaries! And I am one! Sister P and I had to mogi in front of the new trainers, which was super intimidating, but fun. I got to see my doki again! It’s so fun to talk to them, they are just great. They are really just like family. Actually, pretty much everyone you meet as a missionary becomes your family, but you really bond with those you spent literally every day with for 10 weeks.

We had a mogi lesson with a member. They are at home missionaries, so they were pretty hard core. But it was helpful. I couldn’t hear very well, which made it a little hard. But I love members, and yes i’ll probably be saying that in every email I send.

Wednesday: Back to the doctor! This time, they gave me antibiotics because they thought it was a middle ear infection. (or that’s what I got from the Japanese I understood, the pictures they pointed too, and Sister P’s translations). I couldn’t hear anything, which was a little concerning to me. The doctor told me I needed to sleep, so I rested a little at home and we did study and worked with members. Then we got to go with a member to do Dendo with a member! I love member dendo.

We had a lesson with our recent converts, and member who just married into our ward tachiai-ed for us. She’s great, and speaks perfect english because she went on a mission to the states. I feel like I’m going to be like that when I get back too – please let me do missionary work with you!

Thursday: The elders gave me a blessing, and Elder B cannot remember my name, which is funny. I tried to make noodles for our soup for lunch, and it didn’t go so well. Very sticky. And I may or may not have been on medication. I felt like a grown up toddler. Luckily we had DKK and I got to rest a little more. I still wasn’t feeling very good.

Friday: We went back to the doctor. He gave me more pills to help with my hearing. I’m done with hospitals. We had game night, which was basically me passing off Ninja sentences with members, which is actually a lot of fun. some of our members have impeccable English.

Saturday: GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! It finally came! I was so excited, maybe a little too excited for our elders. Wasn’t it fantastic? General conference as a missionary is the best!

Then we tried to do adventure dendo in the dark. Our phone gps doesn’t really work, so it kind of failed, and then Sister P is super skilled at finding houses, so it un-failed and we found the member we were looking for. Always an adventure. Also, my ears started to feel better, so that helped. And I could hear a little better, so yay!

Sunday: MORE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! I will say more below, but we got to watch it and it was great. Then we had a member lesson, which was good. They have really cute and really little kids, so it wasn’t super focused, but it was nice. Our members really like us I think. I really like them!

So let’s talk conference. How did you all like it? I know that you watched it forever ago, but we just barely saw it yesterday, and I’m so excited about it. What did you learn? What talk was your favorite? I learned so much. I told you about my charity question, and I really liked Elder Eyring’s talk about fasting for God’s Children. His talk also answered my other question about how can I become more trustworthy. He also answered that in saying (and i’m paraphrasing) when he said that God will trust us with His children as we fast for them and serve them.

I was also just super touched by all the talks on the Atonement. I think that I’ve said before that I’m super interested in learning about the Atonement and everything that accompanies it. I am so grateful for that gift and I just love to learn about it. I loved President Uchtdorf’s talk on grace. It was beautiful. I love that posed the question: Are we just going through the motions? Or do we understand how indebted we are to Them? Do we understand Repentance? Do we understand why we keep the commandments? These were just some questions that came to my mind as he spoke. Truly the path of discipleship refines us. It was a great talk.

There were also a lot of talks on enduring to the end – and doing so joyfully. I sometimes get stuck in that limited perspective and forget that we can work hard and be joyful. I sometimes think that “once i get to xyz then I will be joyful. then I will have fun, then we can enjoy ourselves.” And that’s not how it should be. Especially when I look back and realize that I was joyful and happy during those moments. So I really liked the talks about enduring with joy, and having joy in the journey. I really liked Elder Pearson’s talk too. He talked about these 6 aspects, and i hope you will evaluate your own personal progress in these things, just like I have and will continue to do:

  1. Don’t forget to pray! Daily. I remember my sweet mission prep leader who told us never to study without praying, and how simply she put it – “Just don’t do it!” Don’t forget to pray – just don’t do it!
  1. Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.
  1. Press forward with Faith. Remember that the commandments protect us, they don’t restrict us.
  1. The Book of Mormon has spiritual strength. Read the Book of Mormon every day. It is so so essential. My testimony has grown so much from having 1 hour every day to study from the scriptures. Why didn’t I do that before my mission? Start small, but please follow this council to read the Book of Mormon!
  1. Do not be distracted or deceived.
  1. Stay by the tree. Don’t desire the spacious building.

I just loved this. I love conference! So anyone, everyone, what did you like? You don’t have to tell me, but write it down! I hope your questions were answered! I know that mine were, and I got lots of inspiration on what to study and what I need to improve on! Sister P and I were talking about how we love the call to repentance talks because they tell us exactly how we can improve and give so much motivation.

Also I read an awesome talk by Elder Holland this morning, and thought you may want to find it. It’s called ‘the justice and mercy of God.’ if you have a minute:)

I hope you all have an awesome week! It’s definitely hitting rainy season here – lots of rain! The cherry blossoms are kind of leaving. They don’t stay very long. I didn’t fall off of my bike this week, so there’s a plus! Ichinomiya is still really pretty and fun. Being a missionary is still lots of fun. Every day we are preaching this good gospel to people!

I love you lots! Keep up the good work. I’m praying for all of you!

Sister Kyleigh Ann Tyler

Japan Nagoya Mission


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